Rhode Island FIRST Tech Challenge High School Robotic Teams 2012-2013

121      Aquidneck Island Robotics 4-H Club             International Harvester
149      Hendricken High School                                Robo- Hawk
154      Renegade Robotics                                      Renegade
252      The Wheeler High School                             Warrior
651      Coventry High School                                   Sabers  
652      Underdogs                                                    Shoeshine
654      Barrington High School                                 RobotMeisters
657      Providence Career & Tech Academy            RhodeBOT
689      East Greenwich High School                         A-Venger
692     Woonsocket High School                               Myles Prower
701     North Kingstown                                             Homer
2899   The Met School                                              Charley
2963   Lincoln School                                                Sauron Lord of the Rings
3032   The Prout School                                            Swagasaurus
3127   Cranston High School East                             Girlz 
3129   Cranston High School East                             East Robots 1
3334   Times2 Academy                                            Time Machine
3351   Tater Bots                                                       Spudnick 
3901    Wm. Davies Career & Tech HS                      Not First
3909    Toll Gate HS                                                  Techno Titans
4333    The College Crusade of Rhode Island           Sticky
4497    Aquidneck Island Robotics 4-H Club              Burnout
4531    Looney Tuned Robotics                                Taz
4578    North Providence HS Tech Club                    Rebecca
5030    Modern Robotics                                           Odd Bot
5468    Lurgio Home Robotics                                   K9
5801    Providence Career and Tech Academy         Pretty Bot
6152    The Wheeler School                                      Robo Two
6217    C-squared Robotics 4-H Club                        Preciousss
6402    Rock Hill School                                             Mariners
6527    North Kingstown HS                                       Team Rookies
6891    Central Falls HS                                             Warriors

Contact Erin Flynn, RI FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Affiliate Partner to add your school to this list.  This is a great way to offer your students the skills STEM careers require in a fun and challenging way!  Contact Erin Flynn at 401-739-5000 ext 3462 or by email at eflynn@neit.edu.