Providence Engineering Society Announces Financial Assistance Awards for the 2013-2014 FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC)

The Executive Board of the Providence Engineering Society (P.E.S.) is pleased to announce the
availability of two (2) financial assistance awards in the amount of $750 each for the 2013-2014
FTC season. It is the Society’s intent to give the award to two separate teams that have a
dedicated mentor and a group of core students but lack the funds needed to compete in the

The Providence Engineering Society is a non-profit organization that operates to promote the
practice of sound, responsible engineering in order to enhance the quality of life throughout its
area communities. A core part of our mission is to support engineering educational programs.
The Society has been continuously operating since 1894.

The financial assistance is to be used solely for expenses associated with this year’s FIRST Tech
Challenge. Teams interested in applying for the financial assistance award should submit a two
page letter that includes the following information:

  •  Team name
  •  Town, school or community where team is located
  •  Mentor name and mentor contact information
  •  Number of students expected to be involved in the team
  •  Description of past experience of the team (If any; experience can include previous FTC,
  • FIRST LEGO League. etc.)
  •  How would the team spend the financial award?
  •  How would the team raise any additional funds?
  •  How would the team demonstrate to PES that the award was used effectively?

Please email the above information in Word or PDF format to:
Adam Bessette, P.E.S. Past President at
Email copy: Chris Cronin, P.E.S. Secretary at

Again, please limit the submission to a maximum of two pages. All submissions shall be
submitted by 5:00 PM, Friday October 4, 2013.
The Society will review completed
submissions and contact the chosen teams by Friday, October 11, 2013.

P.E.S. reserves the right to not distribute the awards if the submitted applications are not deemed
complete or if the information provided does not meet the Society’s intent of supporting a
dedicated team in financial need. If you have any questions regarding team eligibility or
questions regarding the application submission please contact Adam Bessette, P.E.S. Past
President, at (401) 742-1707 or by email at