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Admissions - Mark Mainella

Motivational Workshops Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs

This is the story of a ninth-grade dropout who graduated from the school of hard knocks. While his friends went on to high school and college, Mark Mainella’s life on the street taught him one important lesson — the power of self-motivation.

So he set about changing things. First, a return to school for a G.E.D. and then on to college, where he studied business. With diploma in hand, Mr. Mainella entered the business community, a success by everyone’s standard but his own.

The truth is, Mark Mainella was successful, but not happy. He had come from the streets to corporate boardrooms, but still there was something missing.

A lot of introspection and a reassessment of his goals resulted in a lightbulb moment! Mr. Mainella came to the conclusion that helping others realize their potential. And so, with the business world in the rearview mirror, he became a motivational speaker.

Today, he is at the top of his game, committed to making people really think about and pursue their goals. Whatever the forum — from high school, college, teacher-in-service days or career workshops — Mr. Mainella is a motivational stick of dynamite!