NEIT ALERT: Classes cancelled for Sat., Jan. 24, 2015. Admissions and staff to still report to work as scheduled.

RI FIRST Tech Challenge Tournament Schedule
Saturday January 31, 2015

New England Institute of Technology's Automotive Campus

100-101 Access Road, Warwick, RI


7:30                 Teams Check In, Pits Open

7:45-9:00        Practice Matches

9:00                 Drivers Meeting

9:30                 Opening Ceremony

10:00               Qualifying Matches

12:30-1:00       Lunch

1:00-3:30         Qualifying Matches Continue

3:30                  Alliance Selection

3:45- 5:00         Elimination and Final Rounds

5:15                   Closing Ceremony

6:00                   Pits Close

Congratulations to the teams who have advanced to the RI State Tournament.


Advancing state tournament FIRST Robotics Teams:

           School/Group                                     Robot Name                         Team Name
121    Aquidneck Island Robotics               International Harvester       Rhode Rage 1
149    Bishop Hendricken High School      Robo Hawk                            Hawks
154    Burrillville                                            Renegade                               Renegade
252    Wheeler School                                  Warrior                                   Electric Quahogs    
651    Coventry High School                        Sabers                                    Sabers
652    Mt. Hope High School                       Paws                                       Underdogs
657    Providence Career and Tech            RhodeBOT                             RhodeBOTS
689    East Greenwich High School            A-Venger                                Nerds on Fire
701    North Kingstown High School         SS Minnow                              Skippers
2963  Lincoln School                                    Death By Plaid                       Macy
3901  Wm. Davies Career & Tech              Flamin' Grandma                   Davies
4333  College Crusade of Rhode Island   Sticky                                       Elite Machinez
4531  Mt. Hope High School                      The "Rev"-rend                       Purple Chaos
4578  North Providence High School        Brobot                                     Bakabots
5030  Mt. Hope High School                       Big Bertha                               Clashbots
6217  C-Squared Robotics 4-H Club          Preciousss                               The Fellowship
6402  Rocky Hill School                               Mariners                                  Mariners
6527  North Kingstown High School         Hercules                                   The Melting Pot
6891  Central Falls High School                 Warriors                                    Warriors
7046  Samuel Slater Junior High School  The Spartins                              The Spartins
7093  Shea High School                              Raiderbots                                Raiderbots
8122  Exeter West Greenwich                   Knights                                       Knights
8129  Warwick Veterans Memorial          Chester                                       Canebots
8216  The Greene School                           The Greene Machine               The Greene Machine
8409  Samuel Slater Junior High School   Leonidas                                    Leonidas
8410  Samuel Slater Junior High School   Corinthians                                Corinthians
8896  South Kingstown FTC Club               Storm                                          Storm
9009  Scituate High School                         X-Bot                                           Destroyers
9190  Troop 1 Arnold Mills                         Senpair                                       Troop 1 Arnold Mills
9219  North Kingstown High School         Snoops                                        SPC
9260  Metropolitan Reg. Career & Tech    Megazord                                  The MET Monster
9398  Wm. Davies Career & Tech               Davies                                         Davies
9565  Masters Regional Academy              Warriors                                     Warriors