RI FIRST Tech Challenge 9th Season

Call for Volunteers

The 9th season of the Rhode Island FIRST Tech Challenge (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) hosted by New England Institute of Technology( NEIT) is underway.  NEIT is looking for technical professionals, educators, parents and all others interested in encouraging middle and high school robotic teams.  Each season approximately 32 robotic teams design, build and compete with their robot in the RI FIRST Tech Challenge.

We need you! Adult volunteers are assigned key roles to keep the qualifiers and tournament on track.  No need to be an expert in robotics or engineering, just a willingness to support our R.I. students in their interest in technology. 

Volunteer at a Qualifier! Teams in RI need to advance to the state tournament by participating in a qualifying tournament.  The dates for the qualifiers are 11/22/14, 12/6/14 and 1/3/15. All qualifiers

Volunteer at the State Tournament! 32 teams will advance to the RI State Tournament. The event is a held on 1/31/15 with set up and prep on 1/30/15. Volunteers for State Tournament must volunteer at one qualifying tournament.

Register with FIRST! All FIRST volunteers are required to use this system. https://my.usfirst.org/FIRSTPortal/Login/VIMS_login.aspx

Please register with FIRST and complete the attached form. Return the form to Erin Flynn.  For more information on FIRST and the FTC Challenge go to www.usfirst.org.  If you have any general questions please contact Erin Flynn, RI FIRST Affiliate Partner at New England Institute of Technology, 800-736-7744 ext. 3462 or by e-mail at eflynn@neit.edu.   


Steps to register with the FIRST VIMS Volunteer Program

  1. Go to the Volunteer Information Matching System (VIMS) - https://my.usfirst.org/FIRSTPortal/Login/VIMS_login.aspx
  2. Create an account
  3. Apply to an event
  • From Left Hand Navigation, click “Volunteer Role Applications”
  • Click the button that says “Apply for an Event”
  • Select “FTC”
  • Select State/Province – “Rhode Island”
  • Press “Find Event”
  1. You will find the qualifier dates of 11/22, 126 and 1/3 as well as the 1/30-31 state tournament date listed.
  2. Select the event and fill out the application.
  • Select roles in preference order you would like to apply to (1 being most preferred)
  • Select days you are able to volunteer.
  • Remember to add additional comments if you have specific restrictions on your time
  • Click “Submit”
  1. You will be returned to the “Volunteer Role Applications” page.
  2. Repeat steps 3-5 to apply to multiple events.

Attached are in the instructions that can be found on the website as well. They provide screenshots of each of these steps.