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Our advanced automobile high performance training option in conjunction with the Automotive Technology program educates students on developing and increasing the horsepower and torque of vehicles by means of bolt-on performance parts, powertrain modifications, performance exhaust systems, computer tuning, custom air intakes, and performance suspension tuning.

As one of the few automotive schools in New England to offer this advanced study - students will have the ability to make mechanical modifications and measure horsepower improvements using our Chassis Dynamometer, and to measure horsepower and torque changes produced by the addition and modification to various components, perform custom dyno-tuning on engine and transmission components, and obtain the skills and experience necessary in developing reliable and measurable horsepower gains.

This is largely a hands-on class where students will hone their skills through planning, applied mechanic skills, and testing.

New England Institute of Technology participates in the Ford Maintenance and Light Repair (MLR) program which includes Ford Service Technician Specialty Training (STST) in the following areas: Electrical Systems, Climate Control, Brake Systems, Steering & Suspension, Tire, Chassis & Maintenance.  Upon graduation, students will have completed the necessary requirements for the Ford MLR certification. 

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