Business Management Technology

Bachelor of Science Degree

The Business Management Technology department offers a Bachelor of Science Degree that builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in NEIT’s Associate Degree programs.

The program incorporates the latest technological advances and business changes including the use of the Internet. Areas of study include finance, computer software, entrepreneurship, and management. International business, team dynamics, and sales and marketing are additional focuses.

Features of the program are the practical business experience brought into the classroom by the faculty, the use of computer technology, and the completion of a required senior project.

Graduates are eligible for employment in the internet, multimedia, manufacturing, wholesale, retail and service industries as managers or as owners of their own enterprises.

Program Mission, Goals and Outcomes

Program Mission:
The mission of the Business Management Technology (MGT BS) Program is to provide a specialized baccalaureate degree program to prepare students to become business managers or small business owners/operators and/or to pursue career opportunities available only to those with baccalaureate degrees. Through a combination of theory, group work, and hands-on laboratory experience, the program emphasizes application of knowledge and skills to the operation of a business.

Program Goals:
1. The MGT BS program will provide appropriate learning opportunities for students to acquire the theoretical knowledge, applicable skills and attitude necessary to function as a business professional.
2. The MGT BS program will prepare students to pursue a higher educational degree (i.e., Master of Business Administration).
3. The MGT BS program will endeavor to instill in the student a sense of commitment to the business professional’s core values and ethics.

Program Outcomes:
Graduates of this program will be able to:
1. Develop competence in operating current business technology, applying it to business operations and decision making, and updating skills as technology evolves.
2. Explain how businesses operate, and demonstrate how the various functions of a business are interrelated.
3. Apply analytical and critical thinking skills to planning, organizing, and controlling a manager’s human, technical, and financial resources.
4. Demonstrate the strategic and tactical planning required to start, market, and successfully operate a business.
5. Communicate effectively as writers, listeners, and speakers in diverse business settings.
6. Demonstrate the interpersonal and teamwork skills needed to function in diverse business settings.
7. Propose ethically and socially responsible solutions to business problems. 

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Science Degree

• MGT 331 Sales and Customer Management
• MGT 334 Introduction to ePortfolio
• MGT 337 Applied Spreadsheets
• MGT 313 Human Resources
• MGT 346 Project Management
• MGT 222 Accounting II
• MGT 280 Externship
• IT 267 IT Ethics and Professional Development
• SE 114 Programming Essentials Using C++
• MGT 340 Managerial Decision Making
• MKT 310 Product and Service Marketing
• ACC 311 Managerial Accounting
• EN 421 Technical Communication
• MKT 355 Internet Marketing
• MGT 360 Negotiations
• EC 301 Global Economy
• MGT 420 Production/Operations Management
• MGT 425 Entrepreneurship I
• FIN 410 Financial Management
• MGT 435 Entrepreneurship II
• MGT 480 Strategic Management: Capstone
• FIN 430 Investments