Digital Recording Arts Technology

Bachelor of Science Degree

Digital Recording Arts courses are designed to develop professional level skills in broadcast, non- broadcast, client-based and new media programs. Audio courses enhance the student’s abilities in multi- track studio recording and mixing techniques. Students will also be introduced to remote location recording, sound reinforcement, and mixing for digital film.Experience in multi-camera location shooting, visual design, commercial, news, documentary, music video and audio productions offer students opportunities to apply their creative talents and broaden their career options. Throughout the curriculum, students are challenged to apply real-world management level problem solving techniques within their production teams and when dealing with clients.The capstone project focuses on developing and producing a video or audio program for an outside client’s product or service. Acting as freelance producers, students work to their predefined budgets, production schedules and scripts to deliver their finished programs on time while meeting client expectations.

The bachelor’s program in Digital Recording Arts builds on the foundational skills gained in the associate’s degree program in Video and Audio Production. In addition, graduates of Graphic and Web Design with a concentration in Multimedia are able to enter this degree program by means of alternate first quarter courses. The curriculum’s emphasis on the electronic media industry allows students to attain a high level of digital production expertise. 

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Digital Recording Arts Grad Reaches New Heights

Program Mission, Goals and Outcomes

Program Mission:

The mission of the Digital Recording Arts (DRA) program is to provide students the opportunity to attain a high level of digital recording expertise and creativity within the electronic media industry.

DRA is designed to support the professional level production of broadcast, non- broadcast, and client-based programs that are conceptualized, budgeted, and scheduled in the pre-production phase of the project. Audio courses will enhance the student’s ability to perform multi-track studio recording and creatively mix the final product.

Students will be challenged to apply real-world problem solving techniques within their production teams and when dealing with clients.

Program Goals:

The DRA program will:

1. Allow students to think creatively or apply current knowledge to new problems and situations.
2. Develop the student’s ability to function effectively as a member of a team.
3. Develop the student's ability to communicate effectively.
4. Foster commitment to produce quality work in a creative fashion.
5. Enhance the student’s resume and resume reel through specialized course work and the application of advanced production techniques
6. Emphasize the importance of detailed pre-production planning.

Program Outcomes:

Graduates of this program will be able to:

1. Function as member of a production team.
2. Produce the paperwork associated with pre-production.
3. Adjust to production variable in order to conform to a production schedule.
4. Operate the necessary pieces of equipment needed to produce a video, audio and/or radio production.
5. Operate the necessary software to edit a video, audio and/or radio program.
6. Effectively communicate verbally, visually and in their writing.
7. Produce a resume reel/DVD suitable for seeking employment.
8. Develop a video program that satisfies a client’s defined objectives.

Courses Offered

Video and Audio Production Concentration

  • DRA 305 Digital Editing 2
  • DRA 325 Remote Radio Production
  • DRA 323 Visual Design
  • DRA 328 Music Recording Techniques

Graphic, Multi-media and Web Design Concentration

  • DRA 305 Digital Editing 2
  • DRA 321 Digital Production Techniques
  • DRA 328 Music Recording Techniques
  • DRA 302 Introduction to Digital Audio


  • DRA 331 News Production
  • DRA 349 Presentation Skills
  • DRA 338 Broadcast Pre-Production
  • DRA 357 Field Audio Production
  • DRA 336 Multi-Track Recording
  • DRA 380 Visual Effects
  • DRA 420 Video Post-Production
  • DRA 447 Audio Post-Production
  • DRA 401 Documentary Filmmaking
  • DRA 339 Commercial Pre-Production
  • DRA 422 Advertising
  • DRA 402 Freelance Project Pre-Production
  • DRA 425 Commercial Production
  • DRA 431 Remote Production
  • DRA 441 Career Preparation
  • DRA 450 Digital Portfolio
  • DRA 455 Freelance Production