Graphics, Multimedia and Web Design

Bachelor's Degree

Program Overview

Channel your creativity and eye for design into a bachelor’s degree in Graphics, Multimedia, and Web Design. Develop skills combining web content management, ePublishing, branding, logo design, SEO, web video, animation, and social media marketing. Master cross-media content delivery via ePub and mobile devices, and create a "branded" portfolio to set you on your career path.

Career Possibilities

  • UI/UX Designer
  • Website Designer
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Design Sales and Marketing
  • Package Design
  • EPUB Designer
  • Mobile Interface Designer
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Management Systems

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Bachelor of Science Degree

Graphics Multimedia and Web Design (BGMW) students combine their imagination and an eye for design with interactive computer graphics. Students produce visually creative, marketing-driven designs deliverable for both desktop and mobile devices.

The key goal of visual creativity is central to all of the technological coursework, and each student will design and produce a personal “brand” to package and promote their online portfolios. Starting with the core skills of digital photography, design, and computer graphics, students receive hands-on, project-oriented instruction in web design, graphic design, e-publishing, interactive multimedia, and branding. A wide variety of Adobe and other industry-standard software is used.

Building upon the core design and technical skills developed early in the program, more advanced courses further prepare students for positions in a wide variety of emerging new media careers. Students will develop interdisciplinary skills combining web content management systems, e-publishing, branding, logo design, packaging design, search engine optimization, web video, animation, and social media marketing. Cross-media delivery via ePub and mobile devices will be emphasized. Creative content development, media literacy, marketing, writing, and UI/UX design, will support each student's “branded” portfolio and personalized career path.

The dynamic combination of skills obtained in the Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphics, Multimedia and Web Design can be employed in a wide variety of fields, including: advertising and promotion, public relations, packaging design, web design, content management systems, e-publishing, social media, and other visually creative career paths.

Bachelor of Science Degree

Program Mission, Goals and Outcomes 

Program Mission:

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphics, Multimedia and Web Design program provides immediately applicable communication skills and creative concept development for today’s responsive media. The program is designed to teach students core design skills, with hands-on project-oriented instruction in graphics, web design, multimedia, e-publishing, and social media.  It also includes advanced graphics and web design, e-publishing, and video and motion graphics in support of multimedia and eCommerce marketing. Numerous new media career paths are integrated throughout the program. Each student’s creative conceptualization and personalized portfolio development is the underlying goal.

Program Goals:

The BGMW program will:

  1. Provide learning opportunities for students to acquire the theoretical knowledge, applicable skills and attitude necessary to function as an entry-level multimedia producer, web designer, ePub, or graphic designer.
  2. Instill in students the skills for creative conceptualization, media literacy, qualitative analysis, oral and written communication, professional growth and life-long learning.
  3. Prepare students to creatively conceptualize and create projects on their own and in collaboration, with each student assuming responsibility for phases of the production process.
  4. Prepare students to create and continually upgrade their digital portfolio, deployed via cloud or web server.

Program Outcomes:

BGMW students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of various multimedia, web, e-publishing, and mobile software applications to build market-specific content.
  2. Recognize effective vs. ineffective elements of UI/UX design.
  3. Understand and practice respect for copyright laws and regulations as they pertain to digital creation.
  4. Demonstrate effective media literacy, oral, visual, and written communication with supervisors, colleagues, clients (e.g. instructors), and target audiences.
  5. Demonstrate effective planning, strategizing, copywriting, budgeting, and marketing of various new media projects.

Bachelor of Science Degree

  • AR 203 Introduction to Drawing
  • GMW 100 Digital Photography I
  • GMW 102 Digital Illustration
  • GMW 110 Introduction to Web Design
  • GMW 112 Digital Graphics I
  • GMW 122 HTML
  • GMW 123 Design I
  • GMW 129 Project Planning and Estimating
  • GMW 141 Design III
  • GMW 201 Introduction to Typography
  • GMW 205 Digital Photography II
  • GMW 212 Digital Graphics II
  • GMW 215 Web Content Management with WordPress
  • GMW 220 UI/UX Design
  • GMW 223 Design II
  • GMW 231 Digital Publishing I
  • GMW 232 Digital Publishing II
  • GMW 233 Package Design I
  • GMW 251 Special Topics: GMW
  • GMW 272 Associate Portfolio
  • GMW 300 Web Animation
  • GMW 301 3D Modeling
  • GMW 302 Concept Development
  • GMW 310 Digital Editing I
  • GMW 311 Motion Graphics I
  • GMW 312 Motion Graphics Design
  • GMW 320 Digital Editing II
  • GMW 321 Motion Graphics II
  • GMW 322 Typography II
  • GMW 400 Digital Publishing III
  • GMW 401 Brand Strategy and Marketing
  • GMW 402 Package Design II
  • GMW 410 Mobile Design Strategy
  • GMW 411 Project Management
  • GMW 412 Social Media Marketing
  • GMW 420 Content Management Systems II
  • GMW 421 Senior Portfolio
  • GMW 422 Special Topics
  • GMW 480 Cooperative Work Experience
  • HU 240 Modern Art and Design
  • SO 220 Internet and Society