Health Care Management

Bachelor of Science Degree

The Health Care Management program offers a Bachelor of Science degree that builds on the knowledge and skills acquired by those in the allied health field and who possess at least an Associate's Degree in an allied health program. The program incorporates the latest innovations, managerial techniques and theory into a practical 18-month program which will prepare the student for entry level managerial roles in the healthcare arena.

The program includes studies in the core areas of Healthcare Systems, Healthcare Law, Public Health, Healthcare Economics, Healthcare Marketing and Finance. There is an opportunity for those students who wish to pursue a career path in Long Term Care Administration. A requirement to successfully complete the program is two quarters of externships. Students will be able to select their management externship experiences either in Long Term Care Administration, or in a healthcare setting.


Health Care Management graduates would be prepared to work as managers or assistant managers to support strategic planning, budgeting, or the supervision of a program or department. The skills received in the HCM program will prepare students for positions in the long term healthcare industry, public health, the hospital industry, home health care, community health centers and other health settings.



Program Mission, Goals and Outcomes

Program Mission

The mission of the Health Care Management (HCM) program to is to provide a specialized baccalaureate degree program in health care management to health care professionals who have a minimum of an associate degree. To meet the growing needs of managers in the health care industry, this program is designed to integrate students in health care into the business environment. The program provides a comprehensive understanding of business and management practices in both the private and public sectors of health care organizations. Through a combination of teaching methodologies students will be exposed to the acquisition of managerial skills, theoretical studies, group work, and practical experience through externships.


Program Goals

• To enable associate degree level allied health professionals to assume greater managerial responsibilities in various health care settings.
• To prepare students with a fundamental knowledge of health care policy and management frameworks, concepts and tools and their impact on the delivery of health care in the private and non-private sectors.
• To provide opportunities for students to engage in critical thinking and problem solving activities using effective strategies when dealing with diverse populations in the health care setting.

Courses Offered

HCM 310 Introduction to Health Care Management
HCM 311 Health Care Systems
IT 375 Information Systems Management
HCM 320 Health Care Law
HCM 321 Public Health
MGT 313 Human Resource Management
HCM 330 Health Care Economics
MGT 336 Presentation and Analysis Tools
HCM 339 Mental Health and Well Being
HCM 410 Health Care Marketing
HCM 411 Health Care Finance
HCM 415 Introduction to Health Care Externships
MGT 346 Project Management
MGT 340 Managerial Decision Making
HCM 420 Health Care Externship
HCM 421 Long Term Management
HCM 422 Long Term Management Externship I
HCM 430 Senior Seminar
HCM 431 Health Care Externship
HCM 433 Long Term Care Externship