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Health and Wellness

Bachelor's Degree

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Wellness (H&W) prepares students to help people of all ages achieve and sustain health and wellness.  Students learn how to coach and educate clients using an innovative system rooted in the latest bio-psychosocial sciences. 

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Bachelor of Science Degree

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Wellness (H&W) prepares students to help people of all ages achieve and sustain health and wellness.  Students learn how to coach and educate clients using an innovative system rooted in the latest bio-psychosocial sciences. 

Topics are covered in both H&W educational and bioscience content, and the best practices of the coaching process to achieve optimum client/patient/family outcomes across the H&W continuum are also studied. Trained in basic illness prevention, self-care improvement, and educated to coach ill patients on wellness alternatives, graduates of the H&W program are prepared with the skills needed in this emerging healthcare specialty.

Consistent with H&W workplace best practices, core coursework is provided on wellness and prevention, change management (cognitive and behavioral), professional H&W coaching competencies, client/patient engagement and activation, collaborative leadership and culture transition, personalized health, practical H&W workplace challenges (including digitization), and healthcare’s new Affordable Care Act and associated Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). Live simulation is incorporated into most core courses, sometimes including guest faculty presenting real-life workplace scenarios.

The senior Internship and Capstone Integrated Experience course includes a practicum and a final presentation and paper which provide an opportunity to reflect upon the knowledge and skills gained throughout the program.  To learn basic concepts/constructs of program evaluation and client satisfaction, students will be taught to conduct primary field research – both assessing the efficacy, and demonstrating the value, of H&W coaching. 

Career opportunities exist in H&W program design, health promotion, coaching in medical/health care settings and wellness education; and prospective employers include physicians’ offices, insurance companies, corporate wellness/fitness, health centers and geriatric day and assisted living communities. 

Bachelor of Science Degree

Program Mission, Goals and Outcomes 

Program Mission:

The Health and Wellness (HW) Bachelor of Science Degree Program mission is to prepare students for the emerging specialty of scientific wellness coaching by integrating H&W’s latest medical paradigm with innovative coaching technologies.

Program Goals:

Students will:

  1. Master the contemporary science behind health and wellness, and how it is applied to improve health and wellness of clients.
  2. Explain the key factors and processes that impact health and wellness through application to the students own health experiences.
  3. Compare and contrast multi-disciplinary health and wellness best practices and programming across diverse settings.
  4. Learn prevention and wellness-oriented healing solutions for common healthcare problems to optimize health and wellness outcomes.
  5. Develop innovative ways to coach health and wellness within individual, family, and organizational domains.
  6. Commit to continuous learning and improvement consistent with the fast evolving science of health/medicine, and embrace the value of personal/professional growth to optimize H&W coaching outcomes.

Program Outcomes:

Student will:

  1. Integrate the three components of brain wellness, coaching, and cognitive behavioral therapies to optimize health and wellness; 
  2. Communicate with multidisciplinary H&W colleagues about coaching activation to achieve and sustain top H&W outcomes;
  3. Describe the impact of the key implications of the new U.S. healthcare system on the role of health and wellness coaches in relation to other health care providers;
  4. Discuss the diverse settings where H&W coaching can be delivered;
  5. Identify where health and wellness coaching specialists can play a role in improving outcomes in the U.S. healthcare delivery system;
  6. Demonstrate the requisite health and wellness knowledge and coaching skills necessary to improve prevention care outcomes;
  7. Master the Coaching Conversation Model, and other relevant models, as applied to individuals, families and organizations.

Bachelor of Science Degree

  • HW 320 Epigenetics for H&W Providers
  • HW 350 Coaching: Second Level Competencies
  • HW 410 Health Care Marketing
  • HW 415 Introduction to Health Care Internships
  • HW 417 Leading and Building Teams for H&W Professionals
  • HW 420 A Health Coaching Model Neurological Conditions
  • HW 431 Cognitive Behavioral Coaching to Activate and Sustain Change
  • HW 450 Coaching: Third Level Competencies
  • HW 470 Internship and Capstone Integrated Experience
  • BIO 335 Essentials of Pharmacology
  • HCM 312 Introduction to Health Care Management
  • HCM 320 Health Care Law
  • HCM 321 Public Health
  • HCM 339 Mental Health and Well-Being
  • HCM 410 Health Care Marketing
  • MGM 415 Career Advancement and Success