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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Who is eligible for on-campus housing?

All new incoming students are welcome to apply for housing. A formal offer of residency from NEIT will include a guarantee of six consecutive academic quarters (the typical length of an associate degree program). Exceptions will be made for those students in associate degree programs that require a seventh quarter. Students may later apply for additional quarters of housing, but residency will only be granted on a space-available basis.

  • What types of rooms are available?

The majority of our rooms are  traditional double and semi-suite double rooms, and there are also some single and semi-suite single rooms. The bathrooms for the semi-suites are within the suites and the private bathrooms for the single and double traditional rooms are located in the hallway.

  • What does it cost to live in the residence hall?

All resident students are required to be on the college’s meal plan. The room rates vary according to the type of room assigned to the student. The housing contract ends in June (the end of the Spring quarter).  The length of each student’s housing contract is determined by when the student begins. Students will be billed quarterly. The room and board rates for the 2017-2018 school year will be as follows:

ROOM TYPE ROOM per quarter
Traditional Style Room-Double $2,480
Traditional Style Room-Single $2,980
2 Bedroom Suite Style Room-Double $2,860
2 Bedroom Suite Style Room-Single $3,360


PLAN TYPE   per quarter
Meal Plan I: 100 Meals per quarter and $500 Flex Dollars per quarter  $1,400 
Meal Plan II: 120 Meals per quarter and $500 Flex Dollars per quarter  $1,570
Meal Plan III: 140 Meals per quarter and $500 Flex Dollars per quarter  $1,740


  • How do I apply for on-campus housing as a new student?

Students should indicate their desire to live in the residence hall by first completing a Housing Interest Form with their Admissions Officer. A $400 fee must accompany this form. Students who are offered housing will need to complete an online housing application and housing contract. The application will be used for housing and roommate placements by the Office of Residence Life .

  • What does the housing deposit cover?

A $400 housing deposit is required to reserve a space in the residence hall.  If after making the deposit you decide not to live in the residence hall, the deposit is non-refundable.  The $400 deposit will be held as a damage deposit for as long as you are a resident student.  The damage deposit, minus the cost for any damage, will be credited to your account following your final quarter in which you are a resident student. Any money left on your account will be refunded to you.

  • When will I receive my housing assignment?

Housing assignment information, including location and roommate contact information, will be sent to you approximately four weeks prior to your quarter start date. In order to receive an assignment, your room and board fees must be paid in full at this time, unless your financial aid has been appropriated accordingly.

  • Can I request a specific roommate?

Yes, but roommate requests must be mutual. Requests will only be considered if both roommates request one another. We will try our best to honor your request but make no guarantee that the match can or will be made. More information about how to request a roommate will be available during the formal online housing application process in spring 2017.