National Veterinary Technician Week

NAVTAVET Tech logoNew England Tech along with Darlene Jones, Veterinary Technology Department Chair would like to Celebrate National Veterinary Technician Week, October 11-17th, by recognizing our Vet Tech 2015 graduates along with all of our Alumni, current students and faculty.

Take a moment to thank your VET Tech today!  I know I will.

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2015 Seasonal Flu Vaccine Clinic

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Parking and Building Access in EG During Construction

Preparations have begun for construction of an addition to our building in East Greenwich.  The three-story addition will be located adjacent to the patio and will have connectivity from both the north and south wings of the existing facility.


A new 400-space parking lot is being developed adjacent to the secondary entrance off Division Road on the west side of the building.  This new lot should be available for use within the next few weeks.

In the interim, a temporary parking area has been established to accommodate any possible overflow requirements.  This temporary (unpaved) parking area is located next to the recreational field and can be accessed from New England Tech Boulevard.  An “additional parking” sign is posted at the lot entrance.  This lot should be used only when no other parking spaces are available.  Anyone who utilizes this lot should plan to move to one of the main lots before dark, as no lighting is available in this area and there should be no need for overflow parking in the late afternoon or evening.

Building Access

To promote safety within the new construction zone, effective today, access into the building via Stair 3, at the back of Tech Way and adjacent to the Bookstore, will be locked from the outside.  One of the two doors entering the Food Court from the patio will also be locked from the outside to limit pedestrian traffic in and around the construction area.  Emergency egress will be maintained on all exit doors at all times, but these specific doors should only be used in actual emergency situations.

Faculty and staff members who utilize the Stair 5 entrance, closest to the loading dock, must avoid using this entrance until further notice, as this door is also located within the construction zone.

Mark your Calendar: November Open House is…

College Open House Tech Nite RI New England Tech Email

For additional information or to RSVP visit

AutoCAD: Divide or Measure

Written by Cindra Drowne-Walsh

Divide: Located in the Home Tab / Draw panel drop down / Measure button

Places a Point Style symbol or (Block) at EQUAL Segments along the selected geometry.

Measure: Located in the Home Tab / Draw panel drop down / Measure button

Places a Point Style symbol or (Block) at MEASURED Intervals (a specified distance) along the selected geometry.


These two Commands are a great feature to use on all geometry such as Lines, Circles, Polygons and Splines to name a few. This does not break the selected geometry up. It places a Point Style or BLOCK on the geometry so that you have an exact location to reference. When referencing a Point Style with the Object Snap features turn on NODE. This snaps to the Point Style.

Point Style: Located in the Home tab / Utilities panel drop down / Point Style button. By default the Point Style is set to be a dot or a point.  This is changed by either the Point Style Button or by typing in DDPTYPE and setting it through the Command Line. *Keep in mind they may also be set as a blank option so nothing will display. If the Point Styles were not placed on their own layer to freeze prior to printing this is a quick way to hide them so they don’t display.

*Point Styles do print. Only ONE style is visible in a Drawing. They update visually when a new style is selected.

Command Line input/prompts for both commands and the results.

Command: _DIVIDE
Select object to divide: “select the line”
Enter the number of segments or [Block]: 6 ↵
This placed the Point Style onto the line segment five (5) times to give the line six (6) equally spaced segments. These Point Styles selectable by the Object Snap NODE

Command: _MEASURE
Select object to measure: “select the line”
Specify length of segment or [Block]: .7625 ↵


Command Line input/prompts for both commands using the BLOCK option and the results.

Command: DIVIDE

Select object to divide: “Select the POLYLINE”

Enter the number of segments or [Block]: B

Enter name of block to insert: TEST “this is the name of the BLOCK that resides in the drawing”

Align block with object? [Yes/No] <Y>: Y

Enter the number of segments: 4

Command: MEASURE

Select object to measure: “Select the POLYLINE”

Specify length of segment or [Block]: B

Enter name of block to insert: TEST “this is the name of the BLOCK that resides in the drawing”

Align block with object? [Yes/No] <Y>: Y

Specify length of segment: 1.5


**When utilizing a Block instead of the Point Style the Block must already reside in the drawing. For example when you access the Insert Command it is listed within the available Blocks. If the Block is located out on the network insert it into the drawing prior to using it with these commands.

NODE: is the Object Snap to use when snapping to a Point Style.


Learn more about Divide Measure by registering for the 32-hour Fundamentals class. Click Here to request more information.

Save the Date: Power Game Day 10/23/2015!

The 6th Annual NEIT Power Game Day is approaching! Set for October 23th, the day-long event features guest speakers from the game industry, the Student Showcase of Games and a marathon game tournament. All Video Game Development and Design/Game Development Simulation classes will be canceled that day so all students can attend this important event. Save the date!