Pool Tournaments

All NEIT students are welcome to join in the quarterly Pool tournaments held in the game room on the East Greenwich campus.  Tournaments are free. Space is limited.

  • Meet and become better acquainted with the NEIT community: your fellow students, faculty and staff.
  • Have fun and make new friends.
  • To Register, Email Melissa Hague, Student Activities Coordinator at mhague@neit.edu.


AutoCAD: Dynamic Blocks

Written by: Cindra Drowne-Walsh

The Standard for Reusable Content

Blocks are the oldest form of reusable content and in AutoCAD. Dynamic blocks add a level of power that substantially reduce and streamline your existing block libraries. Discover how to apply Parameters and Actions to new and existing blocks using the Block Authoring Tools.

Parameters and Actions: two elements that define Dynamic Blocks:

  1. Parameters:
  • Identified on screen by a blue grip.
  • The shape of the grip varies based on the type of Parameter. Parameters define the features of the geometry of the objects you want to change.
  • Must be attached to a block
  • Properties of parameters can be set to specify increments as well as minimum/maximum values.
  • The lookup parameter is used to assign multiple sizes of a specific block
  • The visibility parameter is used to assign multiple definitions (appearances) to a block, such as front view, side view, or plan view.

Below shows what the Dynamic grips look like for the different Parameter options.

 Picture12. Actions:

  • Identified by a lightning bolt icon
  • Are attached to parameters to define how those parameter will modify the geometry in the final block, such as scale, stretch, move, etc…
  • Parameters can have more than one action

This example will show the breakdown of adding a Point Parameter and the Move Action to a Block: using a block called – Strainer:  Strainer 1
Step 1: Activating the Block Editor:

Block Editor 2A.  Select the Block Editor icon from the Insert tab, Block Definition panel, Block Editor Icon. This opens the Edit Block Definition dialog box. Select an existing block (Strainer) to modify. Then select OK. This opens the (contextual tab) Block Editor. Or if the Block was visible on the screen you could double click on the Block and it will also open up the Block Editor.

Block Editor 3
Step 2: Place a Point Parameter: Point Parameter 4

Strainer w-point 5B. Select the Point Parameter from the Parameters tab located in the Block Authoring Palettes.
 At the prompt: Specify parameter location or [Name/Label/Chain/Description/Palette]:for this example Pick the Midpoint of the vertical line marked A. (Example 1)

 At the prompt: Specify label location: Place the label Position to
the right of the geometry. (Example 1)




Step 3: Place a Move Action: Move Action 6

Strainer w-action 7C. Select the Move Action from the Actions tab located in the Block
Authoring Palettes.

  • At the prompt: Select parameter: Select the Point Parameter label Position that was just place in the Block Editor.

At the prompt: Specify objects: Select all of the geometry and the Point Parameter with a (window selection) and then Enter. (Example 2)

  1. D. Select the Close Block Editor button:

Close Block Editor 8Select Yes to Save Changes to the block (Strainer.) This brings you back into the drawing mode of AutoCAD.

Save 9
Step 4: Test the Block:

E. Insert the block: at the prompt: Specify insertion point or [Basepoint/Scale/Rotate]: Select the Ctrl key to see the block move from one insertion point to the next. (Example 3)

Strainers explained 10

The first insertion point is defined by creating the left vertical line of the flange at zero, zero. The second point of insertion is added with the Parameter Point and the Move Action.

Learn more about Command Line Features and other NEW AutoCAD 2015 features by registering for the 32-hour Fundamentals class. Click Here to request more information.

Help Save a Life: Give Blood

Each donation can help save three lives. The Rhode Island Blood Center needs to collect up to 280 pints of blood every single day to meet the needs of area hospitals. This blood is used to treat cancer patients, burn victims, accident victims, major surgery patients, and more.


NEIT Blood Drive

Make a Difference Join the Rotaract Club

The NEIT Rotaract Club is affiliated with the East Greenwich (EG) Rotary Club. Join the NEIT Rotaract Club if you have an interest in community service and want to develop your leadership and professional skills. Club members will have the opportunity to interact with Rotary business leaders and to volunteer at some of the EG Rotary Club’s events. Participation in this club would look great on your resume.

NEIT Library Presents: A Conversation about Composites

Eric Goetz and a Conversation about Composites: 

Wednesday, July 29, 6PM in the Media Presentation Room

Eric Goetz, is a leader in high tech composites construction worldwide. As Chief Technology Officer of Composite Energy Technologies, Eric, a forward thinker, has expanded their customer base to include various high tech architectural, furniture and accessory, automotive and entertainment related projects.  While President of Goetz Custom Sailboats, Eric built some of the world’s most successful race boats, extreme powerboats and beautiful luxury yachts.

This lecture begins 7/29/2015 at 6:00pm, is free and open to the public.

Ping-Pong Tournaments

All NEIT students are welcome to join in the quarterly Ping-Pong tournaments held in the game room on the East Greenwich campus.  Tournaments are free. Space is limited.

  • Meet and become better acquainted with the NEIT community: your fellow students, faculty and staff.
  • Have fun and make new friends.
  • To Register, Email Melissa Hague, Student Activities Coordinator at mhague@neit.edu.


75th Anniversary All Class Reunion

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On Saturday, June 6, 2015, more than 300 alumni and guests attended New England Tech’s first All Class Reunion marking the college’s 75th Anniversary. There were many fun-filled activities enjoyed by adults and children alike that included mini-golf, face painting, balloon creations, and sand art.  Also included was a wonderful puppet show presented by NEIT’s own, Erin Flynn. The Hit Your Grad Year Dart Game was developed by Bob Larrabee, New England Tech CTI account executive and grad.  Players who hit their graduation year target won an alumni T-shirt with donated proceeds going to the Alumni Fund.

Music and entertainment encompassed three different music genres: The Vegas Lords, with Information Technology Associate Professor Tim Culhane on guitar; The Electronics featuring Dean Plowman, Department Chair, Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Technologies on guitar; Electronics System Technology Professor  Mike Recorvitz on the keyboard;  and adjunct faculty member Justin Capaldi on the drums; as well as The Harrison Songolo Band. Great food which was enjoyed by all was provided by Pranzi Catering.

The success of this event is attributed to the many people committed to the establishment of an active Alumni Association. Kudos to those alumni who stepped forward in the spring of 2014 to participate in the initial “conversations” regarding the direction of the Alumni Association. As a result of these “conversations”, the Alumni Association Steering Committee was formed and a new vision for the New England Tech Alumni Association was developed. The committee recommended the college host an All Class Reunion as a family event. Special thanks to the Steering Committee for bringing this event from concept to completion. The All Class Reunion is the first of many alumni events to come.

Michelle Pope, ’90, is an ardent supporter of the college and was instrumental in the planning and execution of the reunion. Michelle shared her post-event thoughts with Tech Talk. “I have been involved in coordinating many events within my career from small to 800 plus attendees, and the NEIT First Annual All Class Reunion was one of the most carefully planned, coordinated, and executed events that I have been involved in to date.  The excitement throughout the day could be felt from the volunteers to the guests and their families. The bands were amazing as was the balloon artist.” As one member of the Steering Committee said, “June 6, 2015, will forever be remembered as a day that New England Tech history was made.”

Many thanks go to the dedicated members of the Alumni Association Steering Committee who made the event such a great success: Gordon Briggs ‘99, Scott Conley ‘12, Courtney Crone ‘12, Tim Danielson ‘08, Lucy Garcia ‘12, Chris Harrington ‘00, Bob Larrabee ‘06, Cheryl MacDonald ’13, Michelle Pope ‘90, Bethany Pratt ‘12, Rebecca Renaud ‘98, Regina Roberts ‘14, Terri Sardelli ‘08, Carole Stiles ‘94, and Rick Tobin ’10.  During the planning and development process, several individuals reached out to the Steering Committee to offer their assistance with the event. Many thanks go to Anna Martinelli, Auxiliary Services; Sherry Clukey and Kathy DaSilva, Business Office; Jason Albuquerque, Atrion Networking Corporation; John Gauthier, Academic Skills Center; Caitlin Beagan, Career Services; adjunct faculty member, Leslie DiManna, as well as the bookstore staff, Michelle Paiva, Sue Tucker, Jayne Kopic, and Michelle Holbrook.

The musical entertainment kept the day lively thanks to our musical experts Nancy Starr, Music Club Advisor, who was instrumental in recruiting the musical talent; Frank Hyde, sound engineer; and DJ Judah, who kept the music flowing and the atmosphere entertaining.

Special thanks to Bob Goulet and the Auxiliary Services staff for their assistance. The following photos provide a snapshot of the day’s activities from set up to breakdown. The All Class Reunion was truly a team effort!

Congratulations, Anne Ryan

Anne RyanAnne Ryan has been appointed to the position of the Director of the Academic Skills Center (ASC).  Anne has worked in the ASC for the past eight years as the Coordinator of Reading, Writing, and Study Skills. She has been affiliated with New England Tech for approximately 20 years in various capacities including adjunct faculty member, English tutor, Assessment & Placement Advisor and Coordinator. She has a Master’s degree in Education from Elmira College, New York, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from SUNY at Cortland in upstate New York.  In her new role, Anne will oversee the day-to-day operations of the Academic Skills Center to assist NEIT students in reaching their goal of earning a college degree.

Congratulations, Deborah Faith

Deborah FaithDeborah Faith now serves as the Administrative Assistant in the Office of Teaching and Learning. She brings more than ten years of administrative experience to this position, most recently working in NEIT’s Academic Skills Center, the Registrar’s Office, and the Office of Teaching and Learning.  Deborah has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from St. Anselm College and a certificate in Human Resource Management.

Congratulations, Dr. Sherman!

Douglas ShermanThe New England Tech community extends sincere congratulations to Douglas H. Sherman, Ed.D., Senior Vice President and Provost. Doug recently earned his doctorate degree in education from Northeastern University. Previously, he received both a Master of Science degree as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rhode Island.  We wish him continued success as he carries out his duties leading the Office of Teaching and Learning.