AutoCAD: Quicker access to all of Open drawings and their Layouts:

Written by: Cindra Drowne-Walsh

File Tabs: New to AutoCAD 2014 

AutoCAD has added another (quicker) way for us access the Model Space and all Layouts in open drawing. File Tabs display the drawing file name and allow quick access to your open drawings. These tabs are located at the upper left corner of the drawing area.



All open drawings can now be displayed in these File Tabs. To activate a different drawing select the File Tab you want. This makes that drawing the current (active) drawing, and opens it up in the last view it was worked in.

To preview prior to selecting a view hover the mouse (cursor) over a File Tab. This displays a preview of both the Model Space and all Layouts within that drawing. (As the Quick View feature in previous versions displayed those options) To select the Model or a specific Layout Tab hover over the File Tab, move the mouse to the view you want to select, select the view, this will make that the current (active) view on the screen. This allows for a quick approach to select what view you would like current.



If you are not seeing the List View you will need to change how the system Variables are defined.

At the Command Prompt type in Filetabpreview this is a System Variables that control of how File Tabs are displayed:

Filetabpreview: Controls weather you see a List View or a Thumbnail view when you hover over a File Tab.

Filetabpreview <1> as the default it will Displays a Thumbnail View

Filetabpreview <0> as the default it will not Displays a List View

ACE Students Showcase Their Talent

Jazz Sussman Moss with Phil Marks

Jazz Sussman Moss with Phil Marks

Once again, New England Tech served as the host site for approximately 25 dedicated high school students and their mentors during a 16-week program with ACE Rhode Island (Architecture, Construction, Engineering). Through the efforts of Phil Marks, Department Chair, Architectural/Building Engineering Technology; Erin Flynn, Manager of Admissions Outreach and Events; and, Jeff Cathcart of J. Cathcart, Inc., who served as the ACE representative, this program proved to be a great success.

ACE Rhode Island gives area high school students the opportunity to work closely with building industry professionals to explore the various jobs available in the fields of architecture, engineering, and construction. Serving as mentors to the students, these individuals share their expertise through discussion of industry career paths while focusing on a wide range of hands-on design projects. Field trips to mentors’ offices along with actual job site tours demonstrate to these students how various professions work together to bring construction projects to completion.

14-ACE StudentsOn March 12, 2014, these students presented their outstanding projects to the mentors, fellow students, and family members. These unique designs ranged from vacation property to sustainable homes. Erin Flynn stated, “This after school program was a perfect example of education partnering with industry. These students were so committed to learning everything they possibly could, and it certainly showed in their presentations.”

For more information about Architectural Building Engineer Associate and Bachelor degree program, please contact Admissions by phone at 800-736-7744 ext. 3357 or by email at

AutoCAD: To display or not to display the File Tabs

Written by: Cindra Drowne-Walsh

File Tabs have been added to the top of our drawing space. These take up some of our drawing real-estate area. Although they offer a great way to quickly access another drawing you may want that area back to increase your drawing area. The following two options will show how to toggle on and off the File tabs:



From the Command line type in one of two commands, FILETABCLOSE or FILETAB.

To turn OFF the File Tab feature – in the Command Line type in (one word) FILETABCLOSE then enter.

To turn ON the File Tab feature – in the Command Line type in (one word) FILETAB then enter.

From the Ribbon we have the File Tab button available that toggles On or Off the option. This button is located in the Ribbon – View Tab then within the panel User Interface the second icon is the button for the File Tab.

When the button is blue the File Tabs are displayed, when the File Tab is gray the File Tabs are not displayed.


Active job market for New England Tech grads

The Career Services office at New England Tech reports a very active job market for graduates of the New England Institute of Technology.   Employers value NEIT’s Career Services Office as a recruiting resource when seeking highly skilled technical employees.

Rhode Island college career servicesLatest News from Career Services:

FBI Recruiting for Electronics Technicians

The national recruiter for the FBI was on-campus for a recruitment presentation and conducted interviews for graduates of our Electronics Systems Technology AS degree program.  The FBI is recruiting for positions throughout the country and our graduates are a direct match for their openings. 

2 recent Career Recruiting events were held on campus during the winter quarter:

  • Transportation Technology Career Fair held on January 23rd hosted 27 companies from the Marine TechnologyAutomotive, Auto Collision and Auto Service Management technologies.   Balise Collision, AutoZone, Travel Centers of America, Speedcraft VW, Firestone Complete Auto Care and Carriage House of New London/Mercedes are a few of the companies that have hired grads/students from the Career Fair.
  • Technology Career Expo ’14 was most recently held on March 6.  68 companies were on campus to speak with students and graduates from various technology programs about current and future employment opportunities.  Many students were able to network with local employers and secure interviews as a result of attending the Expo. 

“One thing that really helped me after the Career Expo was writing those thank you letters to the companies for taking the time to talk to me. In addition once I received a one on one interview I brought in nice copies of my resume, references, and letters of recommendations from my teachers. The companies really appreciated the extra effort and plus it gives them something to look at while interviewing. Thanks again for everything.” – Jennifer Adamek, CBYT student who received 2 job offers as a result of attending the Career Expo event.

North Providence Police on campus

15 Criminal Justice students  sat in on a short presentation from the North Providence Police Department on Wednesday, January 29th.  They learned about the opportunities and application process.  A few students completed an inquiry card which will start them on the application process. 

Diversified Project Management

Phil Leonard and Bill Clegg from Diversified Project Management  conducted on campus interviews for Project Management Trainee position in Newton, MA with 9 students  from Construction Management, Architectural/Building Engineering and Interior Design on Tuesday, February 25th.    

Cardi’s Furniture

Larisa Vlasov, NIROPE STUDIOS of  Cardi’s Furniture in  Swansea MA,  is a returning graduate lending her time.  She along with Career Services conducted mock interviews for 6 students in the Digital Recording Arts Technology.  Great experience for the interviewees and others in the class to learn to interviewing techniques. 

AutoCAD: Keeping Tabs on your Layout tabs

Written by: Cindra Drowne-Walsh

  • When starting with AutoCAD’s default drawing (acad.dwt) there are two Layouts, Layout 1 and Layout 2. To keeping tabs on what resides in each Layout Tab those tabs should be renamed with a clear description of what is placed in each Layout (Paper Space).  

Here we will explore the feature Rename

Layout tabs 1




How the default Layout tabs in the acad.dwt file are set.


Right-Click option: Move your cursor over the Layout you wish to rename, Right-Click on the mouse. This opens up a pop up window, select the option Rename. (View A) This activates the Layout (Highlighting in blue) (View B) type the new name for that Layout (View C) renamed Layout tab.

Layout tabs 2

View A

Layout tabs 3

                                      View B

Layout tabs 4

                                       View C

Command Line option: At the Command Line type in the command Layout and enter to receive the same options as a Right-Click over a Layout Tab offers.

Layout tabs 5

Once the Layout Command is entered you have the choice to either select the option Rename with the mouse or type in the letter R and enter.

You are then prompted to Enter Layout to Rename.

If the Layout you wish to rename is the default option found in the you enter for the next prompt. (View D) If the default option isn’t within the < > you wish to rename you type in the Existing Layout Name and enter. Ex. layout2 and enter. (View E)

Layout tabs 6

 View D – Renaming the default Layout

Layout tabs 7

 View E – Changing the default Layout to another Layout to Rename

  • Side note anything found within < > is referred to as the default option – just enter if what you want is listed with in those carrots.

    The next prompt is to Enter new layout name: Type in the new Layout Name and enter. Ex. First Floor. You will see in the Command line the changes made (View E) and it will automatically update the Layout Tabs. (View F)

Layout tabs 8




View F

When Renaming a Layout, this can be done at any time while working in the drawing.

Layout names must be unique within each drawing.

The Layout can be named up to 255 characters long, the Layout tab will only display the first 31 characters.    

Layout names are not case sensitive.

Any one drawing can have up to 255 Layouts.

GoldieBlox Promotes Women In Male Dominated Fields

Goldibox, a toy company created by Stanford engineer Debbie Sterling, is doing more than just producing education toys.

They’re producing a set of toys – and books – that introduce little girls to various male dominated fields, such as engineering and construction, and promote the idea that there should be more than “just the pink aisle” in the toy store.

In addition to their great idea, they’ve also come up with a stellar video that’s gone viral.

New England Institute of Technology partners with ACE Mentor Program

ACE mentoring program Rhode Island - architecture construction engineeringNew England Institute of Technology partners with ACE Mentor Program

ACE’s Rhode Island program helps high school students discover how to translate their interests and abilities into exciting, rewarding careers in Architecture, Construction, and Engineering. Professionals drawn from leading area firms mentor teams of students, explaining the inner workings of their jobs, leading tours of major construction sites and challenging the teams with hands-on design projects.

The program also gives students a chance to win college scholarships and cultivate industry contacts that could help them obtain college admissions, internships and full-time positions.

For more information on the ACE RI program or to register a student please visit

New England Tech Faculty Awards Excellence in Architectural Building Design

award of excellenceThis past March, the Architectural Building Engineering (ABT) Technology department held the Faculty Awards for Excellence in Design for the Fall Quarter 2012.

The award is in recognition of students who have excelled in design studio work for that quarter. At the end of each quarter, the faculty nominates students whose work demonstrates superior creativity, imagination, sensitivity and technical competency.

Nominees for the Fall Quarter were Rita Ebanks–ABT Senior High Rise, and Jake Whittaker–ABT Senior High Rise.

Winner of the Faculty Award for Excellence in Design was Jake Whittaker. His project was the “Ten23 High Rise Tower” located in Chelsea, New York City.

New England Tech launches two new television commercials.

Whether you’re interested in Video Game Design or Game Development & Simulation Programming, check out our new television commercial that hits the airwaves this week.  Click here

If Architectural Engineering is your passion, this new television commercial will be sure to get your attention with magnificent shots of some well-designed buildings.  Click here


Fire Station Design Requested from New England Tech Architectural Students

New Fire Station On The Drawing Board

From: RI Creative Magazine

East Greenwich RI fire station designed by New England Tech

Students in the Architectural Building Engineering Technology (ABT) program at New England Institute of Technology (NEIT) were assigned a unique project by Assistant Professor Tom Lonardo in response to a request from Fire Chief Peter Hendrikson of East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

Lonardo, along with ABT Department Chair, Phil Marks, met with Chief Hendrikson and Deputy Chief, Russell McGillivray, and learned that the town was contemplating the construction of a new state-of-the-art fire station. Chief Hendrikson asked if the ABT students were interested in participating in the design of the new facility.With many years of experience in designing fire stations under his belt, Mr. Lonardo was eager to have his students in course ABT 235, Building Design & Technology IV, get involved with the project. Although upgrades have been made over time, the existing fire station had been in operation since 1914.  The students were charged with designing a new fire station and emergency operations center for the East Greenwich Fire District.Albert Braynen, Mathew Carpenter, Dylan Carpino, Sabatino Giordano, Richard Lavery, Felix Lei, Ivandro Pires, Ky Plamondon, and Victor Santiago were given the specifications of the project. They had to complete a site analysis using maps, photos, sketches, and personal interpretation. Documentation of important site features had to be included, such as emergency access, public and private space, landscape features and topography, circulation (both vehicular and pedestrian),edge conditions (such as buildings, vegetation, and water), sun, wind, light, existing surrounding uses, and future expansion.

Upon completion of the project, the ABT students presented to a jury of East Greenwich Fire Department officials. Each of the unique designs had to include a site plan, floor plans, general construction method, elevations, building materials and codes, and much more. The jury included Fire Chief Hendrikson, Deputy Chief McGillivray, Commissioner Stephen Bartlett, Captain Thomas Mears, and Administrative Assistant Pamela Johnson. This team was so impressed by the professionalism of the students and their architectural concepts that they hope to incorporate some of the elements into the final fire station design.

As Lonardo stated, “We were thrilled to have this opportunity for our students to utilize the knowledge and skills they have acquired at New England Tech for such a worthwhile project. The students gained valuable experience as they worked from architectural concept to the unveiling of their unique design. We all felt a great sense of pride giving back to the community.”

by Linda A. Dionne
Media Relations Specialist, New England Tech