Nerds with Passports gives NEIT a review

Sang Frais from Nerds with Passports speaks to High School Admissions Representative, Kaila Nicolia about New England Tech’s Game Development and Simulation Programming Technology and Video Game Design degree programs at PAX East 2014.

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Plus Sang gives her thoughts on the New England Tech student created virtual reality she had the opportunity to experience in the Virtusphere at PAX East.

If you would like additional information about any of New England Tech’s over 40 Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, including Game Development and Simulation Programming and Video Game Design, please call Admissions at 800-736-7744 or email

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PAX East 2014

Undergrad-SealWe are just 4 DAYS away from PAX East 2014New England Tech will be there, will you?

On display at our booth (#182) for the ENTIRE weekend (April 11, 12 & 13th) will be the Virtusphere, a 10-foot hollow sphere that rotates in any direction based on the user’s motion while he/she is wearing a head mounted display. Sensors collect and send data to a computer in real time and the user’s movement is replicated within the virtual environment. Vitrusphere applications include training military, counter-terrorism units, police, and firefighters in a safe setting.

8-Power Game Day

For more information on NEIT’s Game Development and Simulation Programming Technology or Video Game Design Technology  as well as the over 40 Associate, Bachelor and Master’s degree programs offered at the college, call the Admissions Office at 1-800-736-7744, 401-467-7744, or visit

AutoCAD: Keeping Tabs on your Layout tabs

Written by: Cindra Drowne-Walsh

  • When starting with AutoCAD’s default drawing (acad.dwt) there are two Layouts, Layout 1 and Layout 2. To keeping tabs on what resides in each Layout Tab those tabs should be renamed with a clear description of what is placed in each Layout (Paper Space).  

Here we will explore the feature Rename

Layout tabs 1




How the default Layout tabs in the acad.dwt file are set.


Right-Click option: Move your cursor over the Layout you wish to rename, Right-Click on the mouse. This opens up a pop up window, select the option Rename. (View A) This activates the Layout (Highlighting in blue) (View B) type the new name for that Layout (View C) renamed Layout tab.

Layout tabs 2

View A

Layout tabs 3

                                      View B

Layout tabs 4

                                       View C

Command Line option: At the Command Line type in the command Layout and enter to receive the same options as a Right-Click over a Layout Tab offers.

Layout tabs 5

Once the Layout Command is entered you have the choice to either select the option Rename with the mouse or type in the letter R and enter.

You are then prompted to Enter Layout to Rename.

If the Layout you wish to rename is the default option found in the you enter for the next prompt. (View D) If the default option isn’t within the < > you wish to rename you type in the Existing Layout Name and enter. Ex. layout2 and enter. (View E)

Layout tabs 6

 View D – Renaming the default Layout

Layout tabs 7

 View E – Changing the default Layout to another Layout to Rename

  • Side note anything found within < > is referred to as the default option – just enter if what you want is listed with in those carrots.

    The next prompt is to Enter new layout name: Type in the new Layout Name and enter. Ex. First Floor. You will see in the Command line the changes made (View E) and it will automatically update the Layout Tabs. (View F)

Layout tabs 8




View F

When Renaming a Layout, this can be done at any time while working in the drawing.

Layout names must be unique within each drawing.

The Layout can be named up to 255 characters long, the Layout tab will only display the first 31 characters.    

Layout names are not case sensitive.

Any one drawing can have up to 255 Layouts.

Once again – New England Tech named on prestigious Princeton Review list


Undergrad-SealEAST GREENWICH, RI – Douglas H. Sherman, Senior Vice President and Provost at New England Institute of Technology, announced that the college has earned a prominent position on The Princeton Review’s just published-list saluting the best undergraduate schools to study video game design for 2014.   

Compiled by The Princeton Review, one of America’s best-known education services companies, New England Institute of Technology was named as one of the “Top 25 Undergraduate Schools to Study Game Design For 2014.“ The Princeton Review chose the schools based on a survey it conducted in 2013 of 150 game design programs at institutions in the United States, Canada, and abroad.  A companion list of “Top 25 Graduate Schools to Study Game Design for 2014″ was also compiled.  The criteria used by The Princeton Review to make its selections included the school curriculum, faculty, facilities, and infrastructure, as well as career services, student scholarships, and financial aid. 

As Sherman stated, “We are thrilled to have earned this distinction from The Princeton Review.  Our gaming faculty works tirelessly with students enrolled in our Associate in Science and Bachelor of Science degree programs in Video Game Development and Design Technology.  Our hands-on approach to learning coupled with a dynamic curriculum plus exciting gaming events and workshops prepare our students for this competitive industry.”

Princeton Review Senior Vice President/Publisher Robert Franek explained, “It has long been our mission to help students find – and get into – the schools best for them.  For students aspiring to become game designers, we highly recommend New England Institute of Technology as one of the best institutions to study and to launch a career in this exciting field.  We also salute the faculty and staff at New England Tech and the other schools on our 2014 lists for their exceptional academic and professional contributions to their students and to the industry of game design.” 

The Princeton Review developed its “Top Schools to Study Video Game Design” project in 2009-2010 with assistance from a national advisory board that helped design the survey instrument and methodology. Board members include administrators and faculty from respected game design programs and professionals from some of the top gaming companies.  

The full report is accessible at 

Under the leadership of President Richard I. Gouse, New England Institute of Technology is a private, non-profit, technical college with an enrollment of approximately 3,000 students in over 40 associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs and is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc.  Visit our website at and follow news of the college on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Tumblr and the New England Tech blog.

NEIT VP talks #SkillsGap with WPRO’s Dan Yorke

Steve Kitchen, Vice President of Corporate Education and Training at New England Institute of Technology appears on WPRO’s The Dan Yorke show to talk about the work force development needs in Rhode Island.

Click here to listen to the Podcast of Steve’s interview

During the interview, Steve discussed how New England Tech is working to help fill the #SkillsGap with Associate, Bachelors and Master degrees in programs like Manufacturing, Health Sciences and Information Technology.

Along with SAMI program, which was developed in partnership with Rhode Island employers who have a demand for skilled welders and machinist.

For more information about Associate and Bachelor degrees, call Admissions at 800-736-7744 ext. 3357 or email or for additional information about the SAMI program, call 800-736-7744 ext. 3700 or email

Congratulations Game-On Winners!

The winners of the 2014 Chrysler Game-On competition have been announced. We’d like to thank everyone that worked hard on their Game-On Game Design.

Fifteen competing teams, comprised of New England Institute of Technology students currently enrolled in the college’s Associate in Science or Bachelor of Science Video Game Development and Design Technology programs, formed to compete in the 2014 Chrysler Gaming Competition.

Special thanks to Chrysler representatives, Keith Yancy, Senior Manager, Creative Direction and Instructional Design from Chrysler Learning Academy, Kristin Bowler, Dodge and SRT Brand Training Manager and John Fox, Director, Dealer Training Shared Services for coming to the New England Tech campus to announce the winners.

The first prize is a $2,000 gift card per team; second prize is a $1,000 gift card per team; and the third and fourth place prizes are a $500 gift card per team.


Closing The IT Gender Gap – Technology Isn’t “Nerdy!”

Women In IT Infographic

The IT industry is one dominated by men, and it seems the reason may be entirely superficial.

In a 2005 study by the National Center for Women and Information Technology, it was reported that most women thought of “geeks, pocket protectors, and … a lifetime of staring into a screenwriting computer code” when asked about the IT field.

These days the number of women enrolling in IT programs is changing - but is it happening quickly enough? Check out this infographic from Best Computer Science Schools and see for yourself!

Here’s a Special note from Carolyn at WonderofTech via Earnest ParentingThe infographic is incorrect about the world’s first programmable computer. That was actually the Colossus, used at Bletchley Park, England to help break the German Enigma code during World War II. The computer was kept a secret until after the Cold War as it continued being used by the UK to break Soviet Union secret codes.

Carolyn continued: Until the Colossus was revealed in the 1990′s, most of the world believed that IBM created the world’s first programmable computer.

Writing Computer Code – It’s Not As Hard As You Think

What does a computer software engineer do?

computer coding video by and New England Tech

[Click To Watch A Video From]

Both Software Engineering and Network Engineering & Computer Servicing are available at New England Tech at the associate, bachelor, and masters level.

James McClure and Larry Bouthillier join New England Tech Staff

NEIT announces new instructorsAs announced in the Warwick Beacon, James McClure has joined the New England Tech staff as an Assistant Professor in the Information Technology Program and Larry Bouthillier has joined the staff as Director of Online Learning.

Click here for the full story reported by Warwick Beacon

New England Tech Grad Named 100 Most Influential in Real Estate

Residential Properties’ Director of Information Technology, Tom Flanagan ( a New England Tech grad) named 100 Most Influential in Real Estate.

Here is what Inman News‘ wrote:

“Tom Flanagan is director of information technology at Residential Properties Ltd., a real estate brokerage in Providence, R.I. Founded in 1981, the company has five offices and 160 sales associates. A graduate of the New England Institute of Technology, he has a wide range of knowledge in technology, online platforms and new media, with emphasis on design and usability. Flanagan writes a regular column for Inman News that has looked at best practices and trends in website design and analytics, mobile applications, and online services that real estate companies can use to grow their businesses and run them more efficiently.” ~ Inman News