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Cost of Education at New England Tech

Cost of Education at New England Tech

The list below shows tuition for New England Institute of Technology.

Cost of Education 2017 (for classes starting January 2, 2017)


  • First academic year (freshman): $27,000.00
  • Second academic year (sophomore): $27,000.00
  • Third academic year (junior): $27,000.00
  • Fourth academic year (senior): $27,000.00

Books, supplies, and other fees

Costs differ from program to program.  Students should plan to spend approximately $1000 to $2000 over the course of the entire degree program. Other fees (student, administration, and lab) vary by program.

Living Arrangement (note that costs listed are subject to change)


HOUSING APPLICATION FEE: $50 is due at the time of submitting the Housing Interest Form for On-Campus Housing.  The $50 fee will be applied to the student’s room and board fees if the student is selected for on-campus housing, or else returned to the student if the student is not selected for on-campus housing.

ROOM OPTIONS (Per academic year):       

  • Traditional Style Room – Double: $7,440.00
  • Traditional Style Room – Single: $8,940.00
  • Two Bedroom Suite Style – Double: $8,580.00
  • Two Bedroom Suite Style – Single: $10,080.00

MEAL PLAN (Per academic year):

100 Meals per quarter and $500 Flex Dollars per quarter: $4,200.00


Off-Campus Estimated Costs

  • Room and Board:  $7,065
  • Other:  $4,701

Off-Campus with Family

  • Room and Board:  $2,475
  • Other:  $4,701

Total Estimated Off-Campus Expenses

  • Off-Campus:  $36,318
  • Off-Campus with family:  $31,728

COMMUTING COSTS: Most commuter students travel under 20 miles to school.  Commuting costs average $750 - $1,500 per academic year.

Here’s what you need to know about how New England Tech charges for tuition:

Once you enroll, your tuition won’t change (see Detail #1 below). New England Tech’s tuition is the lowest tuition of any private college in Rhode Island (see Detail #2 below).

The Details

Detail #1

The tuition for the entire degree program at New England Institute of Technology is clearly specified and fixed at the time of the student’s enrollment, a practice that is unlike how tuition is assessed at most other colleges.

At the time of enrollment, a student has the option of enrolling in either an associate degree program, in both an associate degree program and a bachelor’s degree program (2+2), or directly into a bachelor’s degree program. The tuition specified in the enrollment agreement executed at the time of enrollment is the tuition the student will pay throughout his/her degree program(s).

For example, if a student enrolls to begin the associate degree in any upcoming quarter, the student will pay the current tuition rates in effect the day he/she signs the enrollment agreement. This tuition will stay in effect throughout his/her degree program.

If the same student, at the time of initial enrollment, signs up for the bachelor’s degree as well as the associate degree on a 2+2 basis, he/she will enter the bachelor’s degree program at the tuition in effect at the time of his/her original enrollment. This tuition will stay in effect throughout his/her degree program.  A student who signs up directly into a bachelor’s degree program will pay the tuition in effect for each academic year identified at the time of his/her original enrollment.

The student must remain in continuous enrollment from the time of his/her original start date to be eligible for this tuition program.

Detail #2

At this time, July, 2016, New England Tech’s tuition is the lowest of any private university in Rhode Island. Combined with our policy of not increasing your tuition that was fixed at the time of your enrollment, you will benefit for as long as you remain in attendance.