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Fees Charges and Refunds

Requirements and procedures and policies related to student fees, charges and refund policies 



Full-Time Students
Normally, for purposes of tuition assessment, NEIT defines a full-time course load as 10 technical credits per quarter. Some quarters may include some liberal arts courses to achieve 10 credits. The tuition for these quarters will remain at the full-time tuition rate. In quarters where a student takes 10 or more credits in liberal arts courses, tuition will also be assessed at the full-time rate.

Please note that NEIT’s definition of full-time for purposes of tuition assessment differs from the definition of a “full-time student” used by the federal government for the purpose of awarding financial aid. See the section on Financial Aid for additional details. Please contact the Student Accounts Office for further information on tuition.

Part-Time Students
Students enrolled in an approved part-time curriculum may take up to 6 technical credits per quarter or up to 10 technical and liberal arts credits per quarter. Part-time students pay tuition at the part-time rate in effect at the time they enroll in the part-time program.

Non-Matriculated Students
Students who have not enrolled in a program of study but wish to take individual courses will pay the cost-per-credit rate in effect at the time they enroll for the course.

Program Rate Charge for an Individual Course
Students repeating an individual course or taking an elective course not required for graduation pay the program rate charge in effect at the time they take the course.

Students who have transfer, portfolio review, or challenge credits approved by the Office of Teaching and Learning will receive a tuition reduction for transferred technical courses. The tuition reduction, computed on a program rate basis, will be applied in the final quarter of the student’s curriculum to offset the tuition assessment. No tuition credit is allowed for courses which are not a part of the technical curriculum.

Students who elect to take the technical portion of the curriculum at a faster rate than the rate specified in the curriculum/contract will be assessed additional tuition charges.


Application Fee
A non-refundable application fee is due at the time of application.

Registration and Administrative Fees
A registration fee is charged at the beginning of the first academic quarter. An administrative fee is charged at the beginning of each academic quarter. These fees cover the costs of administrative processing required for each student to register for each academic quarter and are non-refundable. See the tuition and fee insert for current rates.

Student and Technology Fee
These fees are charged at the beginning of each academic quarter. These fees assist NEIT in providing state-of-the art hardware and software; internet accessibility; and in covering the costs of school-sponsored services such as student accident insurance, the maintenance of the student parking areas, parking stickers, and the I.D./Library card. See the tuition and fee insert for current rates.

Laboratory Fees
A laboratory fee is charged at the beginning of each academic quarter. It covers the costs of equipment and material used in all technical courses. See the tuition and fee insert for current rates.

Other Fees
There may be other incidental charges assessed for certain courses to cover material that will be consumed during the period of study.

Cancellation Policy

Should an applicant not be accepted by the Admissions Office, the applicant will receive notification. New England Tech will make a complete refund of all monies paid less the non-refundable application fee.

Applicants who have been accepted by the Admissions Office may cancel their enrollment at the College prior to starting classes by written notice to the Director of Admissions. Students who cancel their enrollment or do not attend one class will receive a 100% refund of all payments less the non-refundable application fee, registration and administrative fees.

NEIT reserves the right at any time and for any reason not prohibited by law, to return any tuition and fees or part thereof to any registered student who in the opinion of the College is unfit for the profession selected.

Institutional Tuition and Fees Refund Policy

  1. Students who withdraw from NEIT must notify the Registrar’s Office, in writing. Absence from class does not constitute withdrawal.
  2. All refunds of tuition, registration, administrative, student, and lab fees are calculated on an academic quarter basis.
  3. Written notification received by the Registrar:
  • In the first week* of class: refund of 75% of the quarter’s tuition and fees
  • In the second week* of class: refund of 50% of the quarter’s tuition and fees
  • In the third week* of class: refund of 25% of the quarter’s tuition and fees
  • After the third week* of class: no refund

*Note: A week is an academic week, which begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday. An academic quarter is comprised of ten (10) weeks.

Return of Funds

Federal, state and institutional financial aid will be returned to the appropriate source (e.g., federal, state or other lender) in accordance with federal and state regulations then in effect at the time of the student’s withdrawal. Information about the requirements for determining the treatment of Title IV funds when a student withdraws is available in the “Student Guide” which may be obtained in the Financial Aid Office.

See also: “Refunds to Financial Aid Programs” in the Financial Assistance Section of the Catalog.

Repeating a Course

Subject to certain restrictions, students are allowed one quarter only to repeat failed courses without incurring any additional tuition cost. Students are advised to contact the Student Accounts Office for additional details and for information on restrictions prior to scheduling repeat courses.