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Student Conduct

Rules and regulations for student conduct 


College policies, rules, and procedures setting forth student rights and responsibilities are published in the catalog and this handbook. It is the student’s responsibility to review these publications. Copies of the most recent versions of these publications are available on the New England Tech Student Home Page

Student Conduct

It is expected that each member of the college community will responsibly participate in a cooperative learning experience. To ensure the success of this experience, the College requires a community which encourages mutual respect. Students who have concerns of any kind are urged to consult immediately with an appropriate member of the college community. Students who are unclear as to who may best resolve their concerns should consult the Office of Student Support Services. This office will refer the student to the
appropriate department and will assist the student as necessary.

Students who have conflicts involving staff, other students, academic matters or any other aspect of their college experience, should follow the procedures outlined in the Student Handbook entitled “Student Conflict Resolution Procedure.”

Any student who feels he/she was unfairly disciplined or dismissed may petition in writing as set forth in the Student Disciplinary Policy published below.

Student Disciplinary Policy

It is a major objective at NEIT to protect and preserve the quality of the educational environment for everyone. This objective entails two basic expectations:

a. That the NEIT community expects high standards of courtesy, integrity, and responsibility from all of its members.
b. That each student is responsible for his/her conduct, and that continuation as a student is conditional upon compliance with the requirements expressed or implied in this policy.

College officials are charged with the welfare of all students. It is in this regard that NEIT reserves the right to take necessary and appropriate action to protect the safety and well being of the campus community.

Disregard on the part of the student for the College’s rules, regulations or policies, or exhibition of behavior by a student that in the sole judgment of college officials demonstrates a serious lack of respect for other members of the College community, may require the immediate application of disciplinary action up to and including dismissal by the Vice President of Student Support Services.

It is neither possible nor necessary to specify every instance of misconduct that could result in disciplinary action or dismissal from the college. Grounds for disciplinary action or dismissal include but are not limited to: the use, possession or sale of intoxicating beverages on campus; the use, possession or sale of illegal drugs on campus; gambling on campus; assault; harassment; academic dishonesty (plagiarism); insubordination; non-payment of financial obligations; the unauthorized use of school equipment including computers and computer systems; disorderly or indecent behavior; violation of copyright laws; or failure to exhibit the highest quality of behavior, good citizenship and respect for the community.

Any student who feels he/she was unfairly dismissed from the College may petition in writing to the Executive Vice President who will review the matter and provide a final determination to the student. The decision of the Executive Vice President is final.

Dismissal of the student under this policy does not terminate the student’s or guarantor’s obligation to meet his or her financial obligations to NEIT.