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Student Success

Student Success

Of the students who graduated in 2018, the most recent data available, over 96% of those who were available for employment obtained employment in their field. Those available for employment include graduates who obtained employment in their fields and graduates who submitted a resume for employment assistance to the Career Services Office who have not yet obtained employment in their field. Graduates who are not available for employment include: those who are furthering their education, those who have entered the military, those with personal plans, those who do not desire to seek employment in their field, and those who do not want the assistance of the Career Services Office. Also included are graduates who cannot be reached by the Career Services Office. These graduates may be employed in their field; however, the Career Services Office is unable to obtain information about their employment status.

Approximately 90% of NEIT students continue from term to term, and approximately 50% of the total student population graduate.