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Other Admissions Policies

Advanced Standing Admission

Applicants may be admitted with advanced standing at the discretion of the Office of Teaching and Learning. Consideration is given to the following:

  1. Credits from an accredited post-secondary institution. An official transcript must be submitted to the Office of Teaching and Learning. Academic credit will be given only to courses in which a student earned a “C” or above (transfer credit). A grade of “B” or above is required for transfer of credits for the Master of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy.
  2. Credits through CLEP and challenge exams (challenge credit authorized by department chairs or the Director of Academic Skills).
  3. Credit may be extended for past work experience which represents college-level skills or competencies and can be properly documented, verified, and related to educational objectives through the submission of a portfolio (portfolio review credit).

Contact the Office of Teaching and Learning, (401) 467-7744 Ext. 3438, for more detailed information.

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Life, Military and Work Experience Credit

New England Institute of Technology allows technical and liberal arts credit for military, life, and work experience providing this experience is college-level, is related to the student’s educational objectives, and can be properly documented and verified through the submission of a portfolio. Students desiring more information about credit for life and work experience should contact the Office of Teaching and Learning.

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Transfer of Credit Policy

New England Institute of Technology will accept transfer credits from another accredited post-secondary institution which meet the following conditions:

  • An official transcript from the institution at which the coursework was completed must be submitted to the Office of Teaching and Learning.
  • The course(s) for which transfer credit is requested are equivalent in both credit hours and content to the theory and/or lab course(s) offered at NEIT. The student may be required to provide college catalog descriptions from the original institution for equivalency to be determined.
  • Coursework will be evaluated for current relevancy; therefore, math, science, and technical courses must have been completed within 3 years of enrollment at NEIT while all other courses must have been completed within 10 years of enrollment at NEIT.
  • The student earned a grade of “C” (73%) or above in the course. A grade of “B” (83%) or above is required for transfer of credits for ALL graduate programs.
  • The student has not already attempted and failed the course at NEIT.
  • Transcripts must be received before the second-class session of the class for any course in which the student is currently enrolled for consideration of transfer credit.
  • Transfer coursework for which credit is awarded will be recorded on the student’s transcript without a grade designation and therefore will not be calculated in the student’s grade point average but will be counted in computing satisfactory academic progress.
  • Requests for transfer credit from institutions located outside the U.S. will be evaluated on an individual basis with consideration of the above conditions.
  • A maximum of 50 transfer credits may be accepted for bachelor’s degree programs.

Students may petition the Office of Teaching and Learning for consideration of special circumstances.

Upon completion of the credit review process, students will receive written notification of the NEIT courses for which transfer credit was accepted.

NEIT reserves the right to refuse admission to any student for any reason other than race, color, religious belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, or disability.

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Vaccination Policy

Applicants must provide a certificate, signed by a physician, confirming that they have been immunized against measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella, that they have received a booster dose of tetanus and diphtheria (Td) within the last 10 years, and 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine or a positive titer. Meningococcal conjugate vaccine in the last 5 years is required for students under the age of 22 who will live in the Residence Hall.  

Immunizations forms are different for students pursuing a degree in a Health Sciences program. Please download your appropriate immunization form below:

Non-Health Sciences Immunization Form

Health Sciences Immunization Form

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Portfolio Credit

New England Institute of Technology may accept portfolio credit for experiential or non-collegiate learning. Portfolio credit may be considered for military or past work experience which represents skills or competencies that are comparable in breadth, depth and quality to the respective program’s course-level work and educational objectives. Experiential or non-collegiate learning must be properly documented and verified through the submission of a portfolio. Portfolio credit is reviewed and approved by the respective Program Director. NEIT accepts transfer and portfolio credit on a strictly limited basis to preserve the integrity of the degree awarded. In the review of credits, the Program Director shall ensure the proportion of intermediate and mastery level coursework within the academic program is not compromised. For transfer and portfolio credits, a maximum of 25% of the total credit hour requirement for a graduate degree may be accepted. This may vary, to a lesser amount, in accordance with specific accredited program requirements.

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Associate Degree in Applied Technical Studies

The Associate Degree in Applied Technical Studies is designed for students who have previously gained skills and knowledge in specific occupations. The flexible curriculum for this degree is tailored to meet the student’s professional and career goals and is chosen from selected technical courses by the student and the Assistant Provost. Admission to the program is limited to adult learners with work or military experience. Students desiring more information about the degree should contact the Office of Teaching and Learning.

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International Admissions

New England Institute of Technology welcomes applications from international students. Currently, international students at the university represent 26 countries from Asia, Europe, the Caribbean Basin, North America, Central America, Africa and South America. The university offers a wide array of support systems specifically geared toward the needs and culture of the international community.

International applicants must meet the domestic admission requirements set forth in the Admissions section of this catalog (above) to qualify for admission to NEIT. To apply to New England Tech, an applicant must submit an application online at Candidates for whom English is not their first language must demonstrate fluency in English and must submit a recent TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, GTEC CBT, CEFR, ASC English, or ELS score. Please refer to the chart below for the minimum scores required for undergraduate versus graduate programs. International applicants must submit the applicable application and registration fees. All information submitted to the university should be sent to the attention of the International Admissions Office via All international transcripts must be submitted to WES (World Education Services) for credential evaluations – the cost of WES services is the responsibility of the applicant.

Upon receipt of the signed tuition guarantee agreement and the student’s affidavit of financial support, New England Tech will issue the necessary immigration paperwork to obtain a U.S. Student Visa.

Test Score
  Undergraduate Graduate
TOEFL 78 79
IELTS 6 6.5
PTE 54-58 59-64
GTEC 1176 1201
ASC English Level 5 Level 6
ELS 112 112

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Non-Matriculated Students

Students who are not admitted to a degree program, or who do not seek degree candidacy, may be permitted to take a limited number of courses in a Non-Matriculated Status.

Authorization to take courses is granted by the Office of Teaching and Learning based on evidence that the students are capable of successfully completing the courses for which they seek to register.

Acceptable evidence may include successful completion of college courses at other institutions of higher education, standardized test results such as the SAT, or satisfactory performance on the appropriate NEIT Assessment Test as reported by the Academic Skills Center.

Registration of non-matriculated students will be reviewed for satisfactory performance by the Office of Teaching and Learning each term. Non-matriculated students may register for a maximum of thirty credits. Authorization to register beyond the thirty-credit limit may be granted by the Office of Teaching and Learning.

Students registered in non-matriculated status will enjoy all the privileges of classroom participation; registration and grades for all courses will be recorded on an official college transcript. Those who subsequently wish to become degree candidates must follow the standard application procedures for admission. Credits earned in a non-matriculated status will be evaluated by the Office of Teaching and Learning as to their pertinence and applicability in satisfying the requirements for the degree for which the student applies. All degree candidates must be formally admitted as matriculated students.

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