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How to Choose the Right College

How To Choose The Right College For You

Picking a college is such an important step. How do I know I’ll do well at the one I choose?

You’re right – choosing the right college is one of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever make. You need to really consider what type of learning environment you want and what field will excite you the most.

At New England Tech (NEIT), we advise students on these topics all the time. The type of education received here is very hands-on, focused, and technical. We believe strongly that you can only learn material by actually applying it every day, with your own two hands. You can’t learn technical topics by reading 10 chapters and then taking a true-and-false test. You need to actually perform the tasks, use the equipment, run the machines, and design the software.

If you’re the kind of person who just wants to memorize some information, spit it back on a test, and then go on to the next chapter, New England Tech or a similar style of school may not be for you. But if you learn quickly by doing things hands-on, it’s worth finding out more. That’s why it’s important you understand a school’s scholastic style before declaring your academic allegiance.

I wasn’t the greatest student in the past. What happens if I stumble along the way in my classes?

This isn’t an unusual concern, and that’s why you need to ask about a school’s support services when you’re just beginning your search.

At NEIT, as with many colleges and universities, we have your academic needs covered. If at any time during your education you feel you need some extra guidance, we can help. All students have a “guardian angel” (commonly known as Student Advisor or SA) assigned specifically to them for these situations. If you’re having trouble with a math class, for example, your SA is the person you should consult. He/she will set you up with a tutorial lab. That’s where you’ll get the help you need, for as long as you need it, at no extra cost. Many students take advantage of these tutorial labs and find them very useful in “getting over the hump.”

I often need to have something explained a second time, or in a different way, in order to understand it. Is this a problem?

It could be in some colleges, especially those with class sizes that range from 50 to 150 students in one room. Try raising your hand in that setting! Your teacher in a class that size may not know your name, or even if you’re there.

That’s not the case at NEIT. We limit our classes to approximately 25 students each. In this setting, when you have a question, you can be sure your professor will be right there with the help you need. Make sure you assess a school’s class size before making your final decision.

On average, how long will it take me to graduate?

It depends on the school you choose to attend. It usually takes about four years at most colleges, but with careful planning, some associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs, including ones at NEIT, for instance, can be completed in about 18 months each. This means you’ll be able to finish both your AS and BS degrees in as little as three years!

I am almost certain my family hasn’t saved a lot of money for my education. How big a problem will this be for me?

After you go through the enrollment process, you’ll be connected to a school’s financial aid office. What you will find at NEIT is a creative and helpful professional staff, even if this is your first trip down the education highway. Be honest with them and they will more than likely find an aid package that will work for you.

How can my family and I control the spiraling costs of education we read so much about?

Some schools are making financing less of a problem for students and their families, our school included. When you meet with an admissions officer and you apply to NEIT, you’ll be doing something called “freezing your tuition”.

What does that mean? At most colleges, when tuition goes up (usually every academic year), you’ll have no choice but to pay up. Once your deposit is paid during your admissions interview to New England Tech and other schools that offer such savings, however, you “freeze” your tuition at the current rate.

No matter how often or how much tuition increases during your present degree program, your rate will not be affected, for as long as you stay continuously enrolled. You will continue to only pay what you locked in for when you first enrolled. You will find that this will save you and your family an awful lot of money.

An interview with Michael Caruso, National Admissions Coordinator, Director of Admissions.

(Article published by College Bound Magazine)