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International Updates

International Updates


Prior to beginning my education at New England Institute of Technology, I was employed at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital as a nursing assistant for three years. I know that I wanted a better future and when I found out that New England Institute of Technology is a fast paced, hands-on college there was no hesitation in making my decision to come here Currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. I graduated in March 2013 with an Associate Degree in Surgical Technology, and decided that I wanted to further my medical education.

I started my surgical degree in March of 2011. It was a very intense, competitive, yet rewarding program. Taking 5 classes in a 10 week span, with an additional three days per week in the operating room, I not only managed to complete the program but become the student representative for my graduating class. My hard work and dedication allowed me to be quite successful in my studies, and gave me the will power to continue my studies.

In July 2013, I began to pursue my lifelong dream to become a nurse. With my medical background the transition into the nursing program was much. On a day-to-day basis I have the luxury to work with nurse practioners, nurses, and doctors - in the class room as well as in the clinical setting. I am proud to say that I am the 1st international student and 1st Bermudian to be admitted into the nursing program. Though my coursework can be time consuming, I still manage to engage in campus life as well.

I am an active and founding member of The New England Institute of Technology Rotaract Club. Founded in 2011, the club's motto is “Service Above Self,” and is an organization in which a group of students come together to help others in the community. The club participates in many events such as BoldRDash - a 5k race with 29 obstacles and mud pits to benefit the mentality and physically disabled in the community. Every August, the club has our annual cookout where people from all over the world prepare their national dishes. New England Institute of Technology, though a small college, has huge learning opportunities and I am glad to say I made the right choice.