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Project Lead The Way

Project Lead the Way (PLTW)

Project Lead the Way

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is a non-profit organization that empowers students in grades K – 12 with in-demand, transportable skills. NEIT has partnered with PLTW to offer advanced course credits – and annual scholarship support – in several of our Engineering and Information Technology programs for students from PLTW-participating high schools across the nation who meet the necessary technical skills and competencies.

You can earn credit for classes you may have taken at your high school, which can reduce both the cost of tuition and the amount of time spent in earning your degree from New England Tech. In addition to offering eligible students advanced course credits, NEIT will provide up to a $3,000 scholarship per year to those PLTW students who meet the established academic requirements. Check if your school participates in PLTW and start accelerating the life you want tomorrow, today. 

New England Tech High School Students Earn College Credit

Having jointly undertaken and completed a comprehensive review and evaluation of the curriculum, instructional methods employed, level of instruction, and available equipment and facilities, New England Institute of Technology (NEIT) has determined that the technical skills or competencies mastered by students completing the Project Lead the Way courses with a grade of “B” or better, are comparable to those acquired by NEIT students completing selected core courses in the Engineering, Computer Science or Biomedical Science.

As a result of this assessment and in accordance with the recommendations of the faculty, subject to the conditions set forth below, students who are certified as having successfully completed their program with the required level of proficiency, and who are accepted for admissions in to the Engineering or Computer Science Degree Programs at NEIT, shall be entitled to an award of the quarter credit hours from the following NEIT course(s):


Intro to Engineering Design ENG 119/120 - Intro to Engineering (3 credits)
Engineering Design and Development MCT 237 - Design Project (4 credits)
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Either/or
AMT 131 - Materials and Manufacturing Processes (4 credits)
AMT 241 - Machining Fundamentals and CNC (3 credits)
MCT 125 - Manufacturing Processes (4 credits)
Civil Engineering and Architecture ABT 111 - Intro to Building Science (1 credit)

Computer Science

Computer Science Essentials SE 114 - Programming Essentials Using C++ (4 credits)
Computer Science Principles SE 124 - Intermediate Programming Using C++ (4 credits)

Biomedical Science

Human Body Systems BIO 100 - Anatomy Phys I and BIO 101 Lab (6 credits)

To download the full conditions of academic credit award, select either [Word] or [PDF] format.

For more information about Project Lead the Way, please contact Erin Flynn at 800-736-7744, Ext. 3462 or email