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 Criminal JusticeTechnology (BS)

Thank you for your interest in our online survey. We would like your feedback about the quality of the degree program from which you hired a New England Tech graduate.

Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey. As you will see the survey asks you to evaluate the program and not to evaluate an individual employee. Your response will enable us to assess the strengths of the college's program and to continue to improve it in the future.

If you have any questions or would prefer to speak with me about the survey or the program, please call me at (401) 739-5000 or 1-800-736-7744.

Patricia Blakemore, Director of Career Services

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The Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice Technology (CJA) program identify the abilities listed below as important to success in the field. Please respond to the statements below rating each one with the level of your agreement.


Upon graduation from the CJB program the graduate was able to:

1. Assess the relevancy and use of various advanced forensic investigation processes and their impact on criminal and civil cases.
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2. Assess and employ analytical and report writing skills through use of software used in the profession.
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3. Expand individual insights by studying points of view that differ from their own and that may differ from the view most dominant in their culture and recognize that there is relevance in the viewpoints of other cultures and peoples.
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4. Design a project based in the field of corrections that examines criminal justice philosophies and community issues in order to have effective implementation.
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5. Analyze and apply legal decisions, particularly those pertaining to the United States Constitution, that are applicable to current trends in criminal justice.
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6. Research and critique operational policies relevant to the criminal justice profession identifying areas in need of revision and make recommendations for improvement.
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7. Challenge the student to investigate and assess a demanding mock crime scene in several segments and make real time decisions that may impact on the outcome of their investigation, and complete a comprehensive report and presentation to a panel of criminal justice professionals.
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