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Nursing - Associate in Science Degree

Thank you for your interest in our online survey. We would like your feedback about the quality of the degree program from which you hired a New England Tech graduate.

Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey. As you will see the survey asks you to evaluate the program and not to evaluate an individual employee. Your response will enable us to assess the strengths of the college's program and to continue to improve it in the future.

If you have any questions or would prefer to speak with me about the survey or the program, please call me at (401) 739-5000 or 1-800-736-7744.

Patricia Blakemore, Director of Career Services

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The Associate in Science Degree in Nursing (NUR) identifies the abilities listed below as important to success in the field. Please respond to the statements below rating each one with the level of your agreement.

Upon graduation from the NUR program, The NEIT graduate was able to:

1. Complete each item below to use the nursing process to manage and provide care to individuals across the lifespan through efficient and effective management of resources in a variety of health care settings.
 Strongly Agree    Agree    Neutral    Disagree    Strongly Disagree  

2. Complete each item below to communicate effectively with patients, their support systems, and the health care team through the use of interpersonal skills and technology.
 Strongly Agree    Agree    Neutral    Disagree    Strongly Disagree  

3. Complete each item below to perform ongoing comprehensive assessments of patients' health status and changing needs.
 Strongly Agree    Agree    Neutral    Disagree    Strongly Disagree  

4. Complete each item below to employ clinical decision making based on critical thinking skills and evidence-based practices to deliver safe effective nursing care through the nursing process.
 Strongly Agree    Agree    Neutral    Disagree    Strongly Disagree  

5. Complete each item below to demonstrate caring interventions based on physiological and psychosocial needs of the patient.
 Strongly Agree    Agree    Neutral    Disagree    Strongly Disagree  

6. Complete each item below to collaborate with patients, support persons, members of the health care team and community agencies to provide patient-centered quality care.
 Strongly Agree    Agree    Neutral    Disagree    Strongly Disagree  

7. Complete each item below to initiate the teaching-learning processes to promote, maintain, and restore health to individuals within their community.
 Strongly Agree    Agree    Neutral    Disagree    Strongly Disagree  

8. Complete each item below to demonstrate professional accountability and commitment to standards of professional practice while practicing nursing within legal, ethical and regulatory frameworks.
 Strongly Agree    Agree    Neutral    Disagree    Strongly Disagree  

9. Convey written information clearly and effectively in a socially acceptable manner that is easily understandable to others.
 Strongly Agree    Agree    Neutral    Disagree    Strongly Disagree  

10. Express ideas and messages orally to others in a clear, concise and effective manner.
 Strongly Agree    Agree    Neutral    Disagree    Strongly Disagree  

11. Identify causes, problems, patterns or issues and explore workable solutions to improve situations.
 Strongly Agree    Agree    Neutral    Disagree    Strongly Disagree