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Find Out Why Employers Hire New England Tech Grads

Find Out Why Employers Hire New England Tech Graduates

“Of all the local schools in RI, New England Tech has been the most responsive when it comes to recruiting students and alumni.”
American Ring Co., Inc.

“The trend for NEIT grads is still positive relative to finding jobs.  A great school with great results!”
Jeffrey Tracey, Manager, IBM

“We have had a great deal of success using NEIT grads to staff our organization. Fully one-third of NetCenergy employees are graduates of or current students at NEIT.”
Don Nokes, President, NetCenergy

“We have been very impressed with the quality of the applicants that you have forwarded to us here at Astro.  In fact, we had hired six previously who continue to work out well and have also hired two more in the past week.”
Mike Fanning, Astro of New England LLC.

“When we look for employees, we look for people with a passion and that want to succeed in television. Graduates from New England Tech always show their enthusiasm and have the skills that are needed for this business. 

We’ve hired New England Tech grads in the past and they’ve been great. With regard to experience, they come in with a broad knowledge of all of the equipment and are really well versed in new technology. They are a step above because they have that real experience.”
Chris Raffa, Creative Services Director
CW28, Providence, RI

“When hiring from the Electronic Systems Engineering Technology Program, we look for dedicated students with a good technical background. New England Tech grads come prepared to start the training process at Woodard & Curran and they have proven themselves to be great employees. We’ve hired ten New England Tech graduates, I’m one of them, and we’ve all worked out pretty well.”
Jeffrey Souza, Controls Engineer
Woodard & Curran, Providence, RI

“Being a software firm, we look for employees with specific skill sets and a good attitude. From our experience, New England Tech students have that combination. As a software firm we need technically inclined people and New England Tech is a great place to go for that type of education.”
Kurt Anderson, Human Resource Director
Andera, Inc., Providence, RI

“We look for candidates who have a combination of both practical, hands-on experience, as well as solid education. We have found that New England Tech graduates fit that need quite nicely. We’ve hired New England Tech grads in the past and have been thrilled because they come to us prepared for the task at hand and, within a short period of time, the New England Tech grads have been able to expand their careers.

The first place I come when I have an opening is New England Tech.”
Mari-Ann Oliveira, Human Resources
Composite Modules, Attleboro, MA

“We look for employees with relevant work experience in their field of study that have passion, drive, and the desire to excel in what they do. We look to New England Tech grads because they have those traits.

New England Tech grads come pretty well prepared because of the practical, hands-on experience. They learn the fundamentals which puts them a step ahead, especially in our apprenticeship program.”
Maja Zino, Human Resource Generalist
Wayne J. Griffin Electric, Holliston, MA

“The graduates we’ve hired from New England Tech are very knowledgeable in design, inside and out. We’ve hired several people from New England Tech, specifically from the Interior Design Technology Program, and they worked out very well.

I know how well New England Tech prepares their students for the real world because I am a New England Tech Grad myself.”
Larisa Vlasov
Cardi’s Furniture, Swansea, MA

“What we look for when we’re hiring New England Tech graduates is someone who is trustworthy, very reliable and will do a good job when representing the radio stations. Versatility is a big asset, as we may need someone who is going to fill in pretty much anywhere. Whether it be in the Promotions, Programming or Production Department, we need someone who can learn fast. That’s what we find with New England Tech graduates."
Mike Rovin, Production Director / Music Director / On-Air
Citadel Broadcasting, East Providence, RI

“The success of our current employees from New England Tech says a lot about the college and its programs. The training that students receive prepares them for the fast-paced environment and challenges here at Atrion. We have a high technical standard so the real-world educational experience at New England Tech is wonderful; it really sets their students apart.”
Rachel Croce, Talent Development Associate
Atrion Networking, Warwick, RI

“FM Global looks at our relationship with New England Tech as a mutually beneficial partnership. We have ongoing conversations with students and faculty where we learn from each other. A number of New England Tech department heads even have come to our corporate offices to tour our data center. We also have been pleased to see the school take our advice about its curriculum and even implement new courses. The students that FM Global sees from New England Tech are smart, talented and bring to us hands-on skills and abilities to hit the ground running when it comes to IT support. It’s especially rewarding when New England Tech graduates choose to stay in Rhode Island and pursue career opportunities at FM Global.”
Paul Roche, Data Networks Manager
FM Global, Johnston, RI

“Today’s automotive technicians aren’t mechanics, they’re skilled computer technicians. New England Tech graduates have more hands-on experience and the technical skills we look for when hiring employees.”
Steve Guyette, Service Manager
Balise Automotive Group, Warwick, RI

Current or previous employment experience is not a guarantee or a predictor of future employment opportunities. For additional information, please contact the Admissions Office.