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New England Tech Wind Turbine

Click here to check out the wind turbine.


New England Tech Going Green


By making a donation to CarbonFund, New England Institute of Technology is offsetting 125 metric tons of carbon dioxide. This is the equivalent emissions from 5,208 propane bbq cylinders, 14,188 gallons of gasoline consumed, or the carbon sequestered by 3,205 tree seedlings grown for 10 years. Click here to learn more about CarbonFund.

Check out the output of our new Photovoltiac Array

Tower of Power Rises Above Rt. 95, includes video of  Wind Turbine Installation

WPRI-TV, New England Tech Goes Green

Backseat Driver: ProJo Blog




Green Jobs in the News


Study: Jobs in Fledgling Green Sector Growing

The State's Alternative-Energy Companies Are Optimistic That The $787 Billion Federal Stimulus Will Help Them