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Associate Degrees

Associate Degrees

Please review all of the following information, as tuition and fees are not the same for all associate degree programs. Unless otherwise stated in the chart below, students who are enrolled in a full-time associate degree program will pay the following full-time tuition rates:

$30,000.00       First academic year        (freshman)     

$30,000.00       Second academic year  (sophomore)        

These associate degree programs have different full-time tuition rates than stated above:

Program Name First Academic Year Tuition Second Academic Year Tuition Third Academic Year Tuition
Advanced Automotive Technology and Automotive Technology and Automotive Collision Repair Technology and Plumbing and Heating Technology and Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating Technology $15,750.00 $15,750.00  
Advanced Automotive Technology with High Performance and Automotive Technology with High Performance  $15,750.00 $15,750.00 $5,250.00
Medical Assisting and Administration and Health Science $12,300.00 $12,300.00  
Paramedic Technology $12,300.00 $12,300.00 $8,200.00
Paramedic Technology + EMT $9,600.00 $12,300.00 $12,300.00
Welding Engineering Technology (10-term program) $18,000.00 $18,000.00 $6,000.00

Laboratory Fees

Many of our associate degree programs include a separate Laboratory Fee. Lab fees for applicable programs are displayed in alphabetical order on the Laboratory Fees page.

Dual Degree Tuition Rates

Students who are approved for a second degree (AS or BS degree) will be assessed $23,940.00 per academic year.

Repeating a Liberal Arts Course

Students are required to complete liberal arts courses as part of their curriculum. There are five liberal arts core areas: Communications, Arts/Foreign Language, Math/Science, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Students will be charged for repeated attempts to complete liberal arts courses as follows: When a student fails or withdraws from a liberal arts course for the first time, the student will have one opportunity to repeat that course or take a different liberal arts course from the same core area in its place, at no additional charge. If the student is required to repeat the same liberal arts course or its substitute, the student will be assessed a tuition fee of $250 per credit hour (plus applicable fees). For example, a student will be assessed a tuition fee of $250 per credit hour (plus applicable fees) if he/she fails or withdraws from HU 244 twice and either repeats it again or takes HU 242 in its place. Once a student has exercised his/her one opportunity to repeat a course or take a different liberal arts course from the same liberal arts core in its place at no additional charge, the student will be charged a tuition fee of $250 per credit hour (plus applicable fees) for any future course repeats or substitutes within the same liberal arts core area. Please contact your student advisor if you have any questions.