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Snap-On Certification Center

Snap-on Certification Center

Today’s vehicles require computerized diagnostics to properly identify problems. Snap-on’s line of diagnostic tools offers technicians and consumers the “fixed-right-the-first-time” confidence, saving time and money. Snap-on diagnostic tools make up approximately 65% of the aftermarket automotive diagnostic tool market. The true power of these sophisticated tools can only be fully realized with Snap-on certified training. Snap-on certified instructors are prepared to train students, educators, and professionals for Snap-on diagnostics certification.

The capabilities of diagnostic tools change to meet these needs and technicians need to have the skills necessary to operate and understand them. Certification raises the level of excellence for all in the industry which assures vehicle owners and potential employers of technicians that the technician has the skill sets to repair computer-controlled vehicles successfully. Upon completion of training on Snap-on Diagnostic products and after passing the rigorous test, users are considered a power user of Snap-on diagnostic tools with an efficiency of 90-100%. Become one of the first automotive professionals in the country to hold this certification. Achieve master status (top 10% nationwide) and be one of the most sought after technicians in the field.


The diagnostic tools incorporated in the Technician Certification and the Train the Trainer program are:

ETHOSTM: The quick go-to scan tool that complements the Snap-on family of scan tools. It is ideal for an entry-level technician, a service advisor, or a top-tech who wants quick answers to tough problems.

SOLUS PROTM: The next step in the evolution of the Snap-on Scanner TM. This tool communicates with the onboard computers to read and clear trouble codes, verify input readings, and simulate outputs on today’s advanced computer-controlled systems.

MODISTM: The all-in-one flagship of the Snap-on Diagnostic family. It combines, multiplies and exceeds the power of Vantage PRO and SOLUS PRO together into one unit. Its 4-channel lab scope, power graphing meter, component-test meter, scanner and more make it the most advanced diagnostic tool in the industry.


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