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Business Management Associate Degree Program

Program Overview

Learn the basics of Business Management, accounting, finance, and marketing, plus gain interpersonal skills essential for employment. Get hands-on training in analyzing accounting information, facilitating teamwork, and making effective presentations. Prepare for a variety of positions, such as customer or sales associate, executive assistant, and management trainee.

Career Possibilities

  • Office Manager
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Manager Trainee

Associate in Science Degree

The Business Management Technology Department offers two academic programs: an Associate in Science in Business Management  (MGT AS) and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management  (MGT BS). The associate degree curriculum includes management, accounting, finance, and marketing current practices, Microsoft Office Suite and related software, and interpersonal skills essential for initial employment in business. The bachelor’s degree curriculum builds on the education that the associate degree program provides, preparing students for a career in management, and providing the entrepreneurial skills to start and manage a small business.

Both the associate degree and bachelor's degree in Business Management  emphasize a blend of technical, analytical  and people skills, practicing what students will be doing in the typical workplace, integrating material across courses and functional areas of business, and becoming a lifelong learner, in particular in the areas of technology and management. AS Business Management courses, reflecting today’s workplace, combine primarily face-to-face with online learning experiences.

Students in the Business Management associate degree program learn the basics of management, accounting, finance, marketing, and interpersonal relationship principles that are then applied in laboratory exercises, simulations, and cases.  Hands-on training is provided for management skills, such as analyzing accounting information, effective teamwork, or making presentations, as well as for Office Suite software including spreadsheets, databases, presentation and publishing software, and word processing. Students also become familiar with web navigation and use.  Communication skills, including writing and speaking, are refined; students review the basics of English grammar, business-letter writing and editing, and proofreading. Additionally, students practice their verbal skills by making various presentations and preparing for employment interviews. 

Graduates of the Business Management Associate in Science Degree program may be qualified to work in many industries in a variety of positions such as customer, sales, or service associate/representative, operations supervisor, business analyst, accounting, receivable or payables clerk/analyst, executive assistant, office assistant/manager, and management trainee. In addition, graduates of this program are eligible to continue on for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management.


Associate in Science Degree

Program Mission, Goals and Outcomes

Program Mission

The mission of the Business Management Technology (MGT AS) Program is to provide a specialized associate degree program to prepare students to become employed as entry-level professionals in any number of fields in a variety of industries.  The course work emphasizes integration of content and knowledge, hands-on learning experiences, practicing and developing management, technical, and soft/interpersonal skills, using the latest information technology used in organizations, and balanced class and lab time. The skilled MGT AS graduate can be hired as an indispensable professional who is involved in maintaining a variety of aspects of a business.

Program Goals

  1. The MGT AS program will provide learning opportunities for students to acquire and practice the management knowledge and skills needed to function as entry level professionals in a variety of organizations.
  2. The MGT AS program will provide students the opportunity to acquire technical, interpersonal, and analytical knowledge and skills.
  3. The MGT AS program will prepare students for entry into a Business Management Technology baccalaureate degree program.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  1. Apply current business management practices and technologies and develop skills for related lifelong learning.
  2. Effectively perform and supervise business processes, teamwork, and projects.
  3. Make effective business decisions using relevant technology and data.
  4. Communicate effectively in a variety of business situations.
  5. Recognize differences and develop professional relationships across individually and culturally diverse stakeholders.
  6. Recognize and voice their values related to ethical conflicts faced in organizations.
  7. Create and follow a plan to launch and develop a chosen career path.

Associate in Science Degree

  • MGM 105 Effective Teams and Projects
  • MGM 108 Introduction to Business
  • MGM 111 Workplace Technology
  • MGM 130 Accounting Fundamentals
  • MGM 133 Principles of Management
  • MGM 134 Business Communication
  • MGM 135 Business Analysis with Spreadsheets
  • MGM 158 International Business
  • MGM 210 Marketing Communications
  • MGM 230 Financial Literacy
  • MGM 232 Database Fundamentals
  • MGM 243 Career Development
  • MGM 258 Management Simulation
  • MGM 264 Sales and Customer Service
  • MGM 270 Business Accounting
  • MGM 288 Project Planning
  • Choose one: MGM 277 Leadership in Action or MGM 296 Associate Internship
  • BU 236 Small Business and the Law
  • EC 203 Principles of Economics
  • EN 100 Introduction to College Writing
  • EN 200 Workplace Communications
  • MA 110 Introduction to College Math
  • MA 121 Business Math or MA 200 Applied Math for Business