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Digital Media Production Associate Degree Program

Program Overview

The Digital Media Production associate program creates a real-world working environment to prepare you for the creative and competitive field of digital media production. Get hands-on experience with analog and digital broadcast-quality equipment while acquiring both theoretical and practical knowledge essential to a career in video, audio, and radio production.

Career Possibilities

  • Videographer
  • Audio Editor
  • On-Air Producer
Tech Radio

Associate in Science Degree

The Digital Media Production program is characterized by the use of a project-oriented approach with an emphasis on program development and team-building skills that are required by these industries. Students are exposed to broadcast-quality equipment while acquiring both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Upon completion of the Associate in Science Degree in Digital Media Production, students will be qualified to obtain employment in the following industries: broadcast/non-broadcast television, radio, and audio recording. Students are prepared for careers in video production which include: director, technical director, lighting director, camera operator, master control operator, videographer, video editor, producer, and production assistant.

Opportunities in audio and radio production include: recording technician, board director, editor, video and radio producer, copywriter, and on-air talent.

Graduates of this program are eligible to continue on for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Digital Media Production or in Business Management.


“When we look for employees, we look for people with a passion and that want to succeed in television. Graduates from New England Tech always show their enthusiasm and have the skills that are needed for this business.

We’ve hired New England Tech grads in the past, and they’ve been great. With regard to experience, they come in with a broad knowledge of all of the equipment and are really well versed in new technology. They are a step above because they have that real experience.”
Chris Raffa, Creative Services Director
CW28, Providence, RI

 New England Tech Students Create Video on "What Music Means to Me." 


Associate in Science Degree

Program Mission, Goals and Outcomes

Program Mission:

The mission of the Digital Media Production (DMPA) program is to provide a fusion of technology and creativity that prepares students for work in the broadcast and non-broadcast industry of video, audio, and radio production.

Through a combination of theoretical, practical, and team building experience, the program creates a real-world working environment to prepare the student for the challenging and competitive world of media production.

Program Goals:

The DMP program will:

  1. Provide appropriate learning opportunities for students to acquire the theoretical knowledge, technical skills, and attitude necessary to obtain entry-level positions in broadcast/non-broadcast television, audio recording, and the radio industry.
  2. Expose students to a wide range of disciplines within the video, audio, and radio production industry.
  3. Offer students the opportunity to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and creative producers.
  4. Instill in the students the proper attitude and work ethic required to succeed in the industry.

Program Outcomes:

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  1. Function as a member of a production team.
  2. Plan and execute video, audio and/or radio productions.
  3. Operate the necessary pieces of equipment proficiently and creatively to produce a video, audio and/or radio production.
  4. Operate the necessary software proficiently and creatively to edit a video, audio and/or radio program.
  5. Develop a sense of professionalism to prepare themselves for the workplace.

Associate in Science Degree

  • DMP 101 Video Techniques/Studio 1
  • DMP 103 Audio Design
  • DMP 105 Visual Design
  • DMP 106 Motion Graphics 1
  • DMP 125 Digital Editing
  • DMP 127 Field Shooting/Lighting
  • DMP 136 Audio Recording 1
  • DMP 206 Motion Graphics 2
  • DMP 215 Corporate Media
  • DMP 134 Studio Production
  • DMP 146 Audio Recording 2
  • DMP 217 From Pre to Post
  • DMP 225 Color Grading
  • DMP 227 Radio 1 
  • DMP 235 Digital Filmmaking
  • DMP 237 Radio 2 
  • DMP 250 Portfolio
  • Choose one: DMP 232 Independent Production or ​DMP 240 Internship
  • AR 207 Introduction to Applied Music
  • EN 100 Introduction to College Writing
  • EN 200 Workplace Communication
  • EN 211 Oral Communications
  • MA 110 Introduction to College Math
  • MA 121 Business Math