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Nursing Academic Requirements

Associate Degree

Admission Criteria for the Associate Degree Nursing Program

For consideration into the Nursing Program, applicants must:

  • Schedule an interview with a college admissions officer.
  • Show proof of a high school diploma or have earned a recognized equivalency diploma (GED).
  • Submit an application for enrollment along with the non-refundable application fee to NEIT Office of Admissions.Application forms may be obtained from NEIT or completed online at
  • Complete the standardized Accuplacer Assessment in Reading and Math and provide a writing sample for scoring purposes.
  • Achieve a minimum score of 80 in Reading, 61 in Arithmetic on the Accuplacer Assessment and a 22 in Writing to qualify to take the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam

Accuplacer minimum score requirements: 
Reading: 253, Writing: 22, Arithmetic: 265
Kaplan minimum score requirement: 78 (to be admitted automatically or 74-77 (to be placed on waiting list by rank)

  • Applicants who do not achieve these minimum scores may retake the Accuplacer Assessment and/or submit a second Writing sample one time within twelve consecutive months.If the scores remain below the established criteria on the second attempt, the applicant will not advance to the Kaplan Admission Test and will be advised by the Academic Skill Center (ASC).
  • After successful completion of the Accuplacer Assessment, an appointment will be made by the advisor in the ASC for the Kaplan Nursing Admission Test.This test is used to determine if students have the academic skills necessary to perform effectively in a nursing program.
  • Achieve a score at the 78% overall or above on the Kaplan Nursing Admission Test.
  • This Test can be taken twice per year by all candidates, including Tech changers, and must have been taken in the last three years.
  • During the first nursing course, have a criminal background check conducted through the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) by the State of Rhode Island Office of Attorney General.
  • In compliance with requirements for clinical agencies, any individual who has been convicted of a felony will be unable to participate in the clinical experiences.
  • No incident or probation must have occurred within the past five years.
  • Applicant convicted of a felony will need to comply with state licensure requirements in the state in which they plan to take the NCLEX examination.
  • Complete all financial aid obligations.

Applicants may be admitted with advanced standing at the discretion of the Office of Teaching and Learning.   Consideration is given to the following:

  • Applicants may be admitted with advanced standing at the discretion of the Office of Teaching and Learning.  Consideration is given to the following:
  • Transfer Credits may be awarded for courses taken at an accredited post-secondary institution
  • Student earned a grade of “B” or better
  • All science and math courses must have been completed within three years at the time of application; other transferable courses must be within the past ten years.
  • Credits through CLEP exams as demonstrated on an official College Board transcript
  • Challenge exams (challenge credit).
  • Applicants are encouraged to contact the Office of Teaching and Learning at, (401) 467-7744 x 3438 for more detailed information.
  • NEIT reserves the right to refuse admission to any student for any reason other than race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin, age or disability.
  • Meeting minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission into the nursing program.