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Advanced Automotive Student places 10th in the Nation!
Written by Christopher Bannister, Professor and Chair Automotive Technology

Andrew Biederka of Oakdale, Connecticut has a lot to smile about.  Andy was the 2012 Advanced Automotive Technology Best of Tech winner, SKILLSUSA RI winner in the Automotive Post Secondary category and recently placed 10th in the country at the SKILLSUSA National Competition.  I sat down with Andy this past week to ask about his experiences at New England Institute of Technology, as well as the SKILLSUSA competition, and to find out “What’s next?” for this rising star. 
CB – Andy, tell me about your experiences at New England Tech Automotive.
AB – It was a great experience and I could not say enough good things about the program.  I thought the mix of lab work and book learning was excellent and all of my instructors were very passionate about their jobs.  To get the experience with new style tools that we had to work with was great and it gave me an opportunity to work with tools I might not see right away in the field.  All of the instructors I asked to help me prepare for SKILLSUSA were more than glad to assist and some went the extra mile giving up their own time to get me the resources I needed. 
CB – How well did your New England Tech training prepare you for the competition?
AB – It was right on target.  I felt very comfortable with all of the stations except the rear drive train.  I didn’t take the Advanced Powertrains class as an elective which would have helped me in this area.  That was an oversight on my part.  I took the Hybrid Vehicle class instead as there are more Hybrids on the road today.  I also could have used more experience with manufacturer’s scan tools, something the school doesn’t offer.  I was able to get my hands on a couple to practice with thanks to one of the instructors.
CB – So, what’s next on your agenda?
AB – Well, I am currently enrolled in New England Tech’s Automotive Service Management program to earn my bachelor’s degree.  Then I will try to get a few years experience working in a shop before I open my own auto repair business.  I am also looking forward to competing in SKILLSUSA again next year.  Hopefully with another win and another chance at the national competition!!
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