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Animal Business Management

Associate Degree Program

Program Overview

Get the management skills required to run a veterinary practice. The Animal Business Management associate program combines basic veterinary knowledge – anatomy, physiology, pharmacology – with management skills in human resources, customer service, and legal/ethical issues. Graduates are prepared for multiple entry-level positions in veterinary practices.

Career Possibilities

  • Veterinary Office Manager
  • Animal Hospital Manager
  • Kennel Manager

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Associate in Science Degree

The Animal Business Management (ABM) program is an ideal option for a student who has a desire to make a difference for animals and is interested in management. The Animal Business Management program prepares students for positions in a variety of animal related businesses including animal boarding facilities, dog daycares, rescues and shelters, pet food or pharmaceutical sales, veterinary practices and retail operations.

The associate degree curriculum includes animal handling, anatomy & physiology, accounting, OSHA, pharmacology, marketing, social media, legal and ethical issues and veterinary practice management.  The program emphasizes a blend of technical skills and analytical people/interpersonal skills.  Animal Business Management students must complete an 80-hour practicum in their chosen area of specialty.

Graduates of the Animal Business AS may be qualified to work in many animal related businesses. In addition, after completing certain prerequisites, graduates of this program are eligible to continue on for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management. The bachelor’s degree curriculum builds on the education that the associate degree program provides, preparing students for advancement in responsibilities and position and a career in management.

Associate in Science Degree

Program Mission, Goals, and Outcomes


The mission of the Animal Business Management (ABM) program is to prepare students to become professional office managers in  veterinary practices.  The program will integrate theory, some hands-on lab, and practicum work to emphasize the application of knowledge. 

Program Goals

Provide opportunities for the following:

  1. Understand and apply customer service techniques.
  2. Explore legal and ethical issues faced in veterinary practices to include questions of euthanasia, liability, and financial considerations for veterinary care.
  3. Prepare for entry into the industry through practicum experience.
  4. Learn Marketing and Sales techniques.
  5. Understand Human Resource requirements.
  6. Appreciate the role of pets in modern households.

Program Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to supervise employees.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in advanced customer service techniques.
  3. Define legal and ethical issues in veterinary practices and determine the most appropriate way to address the situations as they arise.
  4. Apply knowledge of human resource information.
  5. Exhibit a readiness to enter the field as a veterinary practice manager or animal related business by demonstrating management skills and veterinary knowledge as evidenced through practicum performance.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to remain current on laws and regulations specific to veterinary practices.
  7. Apply pharmaceutical knowledge to oversee the safe management of medications and supplies housed in veterinary practices.
  8. Exhibit appropriate compassion and understanding for clients of veterinary practices, pet day care and kennel facilities, and shelters.
  9. Understand the multiple and dynamic roles of animals in our society as pets, working animals, and service animals.

Associate in Science Degree

  • Courses Offered - Daytime only
  • ABM 110 Intro to Animal Business Management
  • ABM 112 Anatomy and Physiology for Practice Managers
  • MGM 105 Effective Teams and Projects
  • VET 120 Animal Management
  • MGM 130 Accounting Fundamentals
  • MGM 125 Principles of Management
  • ABM 115 Pharmacology for Practice Managers
  • ABM 111 Healthcare Communication Skills
  • ABM 200 Small Animals and Society
  • ABM 220 Veterinary Practice Management I
  • ABM 203 Principles of Economics
  • ABM 254 Internet Marketing and Branding
  • ABM 222 Veterinary Practice Management II
  • ABM 240 Human Resources and Personnel Management
  • ABM 250 Practicum
  • ABM 245 Legal Issues in Veterinary Practice
  • ABM 230 Customer Service in the Veterinary Practice
  • ABM 251 Ethics and Humane Principles in the Veterinary Practice