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Business Management

Bachelor's Degree

Program Overview

Advance your knowledge of Business Management, as well as accounting, finance, marketing, operations, service management, and effective interpersonal relationships. Master the latest Microsoft Office Suite and related technology advances such as online portfolios and the use of social media in business. Graduates are prepared for a range of positions in various industries.

Career Possibilities

  • Office Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Regional Manager

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Bachelor of Science Degree

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management (MGT BS) program builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in the MGT AS and also in any of NEIT’s associate degree programs. 

Both the AS and BS programs in Business Management emphasize a blend of technical, people/interpersonal, and analytical knowledge and skills, practice in labs what students will be doing in the typical workplace, integrate material across courses and functional areas of business, and develop the approach of being a life-long learner, in particular in the areas of technology and management.  BS Business Management courses use both face-to-face and online learning experiences; this blend reflects today’s workplace.

Students in the BS in Business Management program deepen their knowledge of management and leadership, accounting, finance, marketing, operations/service management, and effective interpersonal relationships and teamwork.  The program incorporates the latest Microsoft Office Suite and related technology advances such as online portfolios and use of social media in business. Students have two management electives to allow deeper study in a chosen area, such as entrepreneurship or sales and marketing.  Hands-on training is provided for management and interpersonal skills, such as negotiating, analyzing accounting information, or making presentations, as well as for more advanced use of Office Suite software including spreadsheets, databases, presentation and publishing software, and word processing.

Graduates of the MGT BS program may be qualified to work in many industries in a variety of positions such as business, accounting, or operations analyst, project manager, department or process supervisor, service manager, marketing analyst or customer service representative/manager, or business owner.   Graduates who are already working may use their degree to apply for promotions.


Bachelor of Science Degree

Program Mission, Goals and Outcomes

Program Mission

The mission of the Business Management (MGT BS) Program is to provide a specialized baccalaureate degree program to prepare students to initially become team, project, area, or department managers/leaders in organizations, to become small business owners/operators, and to pursue career opportunities available only to those with baccalaureate degrees. The course work emphasizes integration of content and knowledge, hands-on learning experiences, practicing and developing management, technical, and soft/interpersonal skills, using the latest information technology used in organizations, and balanced class and lab time.

 Program Goals

  1. The MGT BS program will provide learning opportunities for students to acquire and practice the management knowledge and skills needed to move up to and function effectively as mid-level professionals or owners in a variety of organizations.
  2. The MGT BS program will provide students technical, interpersonal, and analytical knowledge and skills.

 Program Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  1. Adapt proactively to new technology and recognize its ability to solve business problems and add value.
  2. Effectively manage teams and projects.
  3. Make effective decisions using integrated business knowledge and relevant data sources that develop and support organizational strategy.
  4. Communicate effectively and professionally with awareness of medium and content to diverse audiences.
  5. Identify, value, and adapt to individual and cultural diversity in organizations and their stakeholders.
  6. Recognize and effectively analyze ethical issues, determining possible courses of action and their consequences for stakeholders.
  7. Develop career management skills for their chosen profession.

Bachelor of Science Degree

  • IT 375 Information Systems Management
  • MGM 305 Managing Interpersonal & Team Effectiveness
  • MGM 311 Data Analysis and Reporting
  • MGM 314 Principles of Marketing
  • MGM 330 Managerial Accounting
  • MGM 335 Human Resource Management
  • MGM 355 21st Century Leadership
  • MGM 398 Integrative Lab I – Business Start-Up & Decision Making
  • MGM 411 Technology and Management Effectiveness
  • MGM 413 Business Presentations
  • MGM 415 Career Advancement and Success
  • MGM 425 Productions and Service Operations Management
  • MGM 430 Financial Management
  • MGM 445 Negotiation
  • MGM 460 Investments
  • MGM 485 Management of Change and Innovation
  • MGM 495 Strategic Management and Decision Making
  • MGM 498 Integrative Lab II – Project Management Effectiveness

  • Electives

  • AUT 302 Service Management Operations
  • CJ 380 Criminal Justice and the Media
  • DMP 322 Digital Production for Business Management
  • IT 374 IT Project Management
  • MGM 291 Small Business Management
  • MGM 292 Leadership in Action I
  • MGM 296 Internship Practicum I
  • MGM 297 Internship Practicum II
  • MGM 491 Entrepreneurship
  • MGM 492 Leadership in Action II
  • MGM 496 Internship Practicum III 
  • MGM 497 Internship Practicum IV