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Automotive Service Management

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FAQ: Automotive Service Management Online

Online and Hybrid Degree

1.     For whom is this program designed?

The New England Tech Automotive Service Management Online bachelor’s degree program (ASMX) is designed for working professionals in the transportation products and services industry who wish to prepare for management positions.  The ASMX curriculum includes a balance of courses in general management, operations, and transportation-specific management topics.  Graduates of the program are better prepared for management in any technical field, with an emphasis on automotive, transportation industry applications.

This is a “completion degree” for students who already have certifications and/or education in the field, and wish to earn a bachelor of science degree.   Applicants should have an associate degree or certification in a related field, such as Automotive/Diesel Technology or Marine Technology. [return to top]

2.     When do my classes meet?

This program is offered completely online.  Courses are ten-weeks long, and you’ll be engaged with your class and faculty the whole time - there are assignments and activities that will be due each week. You won’t have specific meeting times when you have to be online, so you can create a weekly schedule that works for you and fits into your personal and professional life. [return to top]

3.     How do online courses work?

Online courses at New England Tech are crafted by a faculty-led team of learning and technology experts to be interesting, relevant and engaging, and to have real impact on students in their lives and on their careers. They are not self-paced courses – you will have coursework to do every week and it is important to keep up. Importantly, you will be learning as part of a connected community that provides support, challenges your thinking, and reminds you that you are not alone. Instructors are present in the course, and work with students to help them be successful. See Online Learning at NEIT for more information about online courses in Automotive Service Management. [return to top]

4.    What technology and technical skills will I need to take online courses?

You will need basic familiarity with your computer, for example: emailing, using the Web, and downloading and attaching documents. No special equipment is required – just a modern Windows or Mac computer, an office suite such as Microsoft Office (which is provided at no cost to enrolled students at New England Institute of Technology), and a broadband internet connection. . Tablet computers, such as iPads, can be useful for doing course readings, watching course videos, and catching up on course discussions. However, a tablet will not be sufficient for doing all your course work – be sure you have regular access to a laptop or desktop computer.

New England Tech online courses are designed to help acclimate you to the technology and build your skills and your confidence as you go. We provide 24x7 support via phone, email or chat to help you with computer or online system issues. [return to top]

5.     How large will my classes be?

The average size for a class is about 20 to 25 students; however, larger and smaller classes occur from time to time. [return to top]

6.     Is NEIT accredited?

NEIT is accredited by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges’ (NEASC). Accreditation by NEASC is recognized by the federal government and entitles NEIT to participate in federal financial aid programs. Some academic departments have specialized professional accreditations in addition to accreditation by NEASC. For more information on accreditation, see NEIT’s catalog. [return to top]

7.     Can I transfer credits earned at another college to NEIT?

Transfer credit for appropriate courses taken at an accredited institution will be considered for courses in which the student has earned "C" or above. An official transcript from the other institution must be received before the end of the first week of the quarter for transfer credit to be granted for courses to be taken during that quarter.

Credit can also be granted for ASE Master Certification, and some OEM certifications (e.g. General Motors’ ASEP, Ford’s ASSET, Chrysler’s Cap, or Toyota’s T-10).  Every case is different, and you will have to speak with an Admissions Officer or the Department Chair about your specific situation. Get in touch with our admissions office at 800-736-7744 to find out more, or email us at [return to top]

8.    What makes New England Tech’s Automotive Management program different from others?

  • Ten-week long courses keep you focused and are easier to digest
  • Our faculty members are practitioners in the field, leading experts who are connected to industry and the profession of management
  • Our curriculum is designed to provide a balance of practical knowledge you can apply to your work right away, as well as building a long-term base of leading skills that will fuel your career advancement
  •  You’ll build skills that focus on the very latest automotive industry applications, but also earn a general business management degree that prepares you for leadership in any industry.
  • 24x7 technical support by email, chat or phone helps you work on your schedule
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9.     How long is each academic term?

Courses at New England Tech are 10 weeks long, with four terms (quarters) offered per year, starting in January, April, July, and October. There is also an optional, intensive five-week Intersession that starts in June, during which a selection of liberal arts courses are offered. [return to top]

10.   How many courses do I have to take each quarter?

You can take one, two or more courses in any quarter. It is entirely up to your own needs and schedule. Note that if your employer offers tuition benefits, there may be a limit on how much they will reimburse. If you are planning to apply for federal financial aid, please confirm the minimum credit load required to qualify for federal financial aid with the Financial Aid Office. [return to top]

11.   How many credits do I need to acquire my financial aid?

In order to be eligible for the maximum financial aid award, you need to maintain at least 12 credits per academic quarter. [return to top]

12.   Will I have to take liberal arts courses, too?

The New England Tech Automotive Service Management program is a Bachelor of Science degree.  Like any college degree, it includes a wide range of enrichment subjects beyond just career and technical training. This program will require at least seven courses from the areas of Communications, Math, Science, Humanities, Social Science or Arts/Foreign Language. 
 Students entering without an associate degree may require additional liberal arts courses to meet the requirements for graduation. [return to top]

13.  Can I transfer the credits that I earn at NEIT to another college?

The transferability of a course is always up to the institution to which the student is transferring. Students interested in the transferability of their credits should contact the Office of Teaching and Learning for further information. [return to top]

14.  What kind of employment assistance does NEIT offer?

The Career Services Office assists NEIT students and graduates in all aspects of the job search, including resume writing, interviewing skills, and developing a job search strategy. Upon completion of their program, graduates may submit a resume to the Career Services Office to be circulated to employers for employment opportunities in their fields.  Employers regularly contact us about our graduates.  In addition, our Career Services Office contacts employers to develop job leads. A strong relationship with employers exists as a result of our training students to meet the needs of industry for over 75 years. No school can, and NEIT does not, guarantee to its graduates employment or a specific starting salary. [return to top]

15.  Where will job opportunities exist?

Graduates have obtained employment in the local area. More than 2,600 companies have employed NEIT graduates since 2011.  One of the most exciting aspects of this program the ability to look nationally for employment opportunities. [return to top]

16.  What kind of jobs will I be qualified to look for?

Graduates of this BS program will be prepared to seek entry-level to mid-level positions in transportation service management, such as general service manager, sales manager, human resource manager, service writer, service consultant, parts manager, warranty administrator, fleet manager, collision repair production manager, and marina and boatyard manager. Upon completion of a bachelor's degree at NEIT, positions on the management level may become more attainable. [return to top]

17.  Is there any state or federal licensing required in my field?

No license is required for automotive technicians; students are, however, urged to take the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) test upon completion of their NEIT program. ASE certification shows your prospective employer that you are competent in service consulting and customer relations. [return to top]