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Engineering Management

Engineering Management

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Engineering Management Mission, Goals & Outcomes Online and Hybrid Master's Degree Online and Hybrid Master's Degree

Master's Engineering Mission, Goals and Outcomes

The Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) program is designed to equip current and aspiring engineering managers with the necessary tools to make thoughtful decisions that affect an organization’s management needs. The program’s goal is to bridge the gap between the field of engineering and the field of business management, while providing the engineer with the necessary business intelligence to improve processes.

The program’s mission is built around central themes that drive modern engineering industry operations: best practices of leaders and management professionals in the engineering industry, engineering product accounting and finance, engineering law and the software applications that support the engineering management profession.

As a graduate, you will become qualified to:

  1. Lead complex engineering and capital-intensive organizations with globally dispersed organizations structures
  2. Solve industry-related problems by applying your knowledge of business, mathematics, science and engineering
  3. Understand the implications of emerging technologies on the organization and society
  4. Interpret quantitative and subjective data to make sounds engineering and managerial decisions
  5. Apply systems engineering to solve complex technical and operational problems to meet both business and customer needs
  6. Lead effective teams and develop quality projects
  7. Communicate effectively across the entire enterprise, both vertically and horizontally to all members of the organization
  8. Understand the ethical responsibilities of practicing engineering managers and the impact of your decisions with a global, societal and environmental context
  9. Appreciate the need for life-long learning and personal development