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Public Health

Public Health

Master's Degree

Public Health Online Admissions Requirements Online and Hybrid Master's Degree

Admission Requirements

The Master of Public Health program builds on the real-world experiences of professionals from other disciplines to augment the public health impact in our communities. 

You can now apply ONLINE! Just log in to and click on “APPLY.”

Applicants to the program will need:

1.     A bachelor’s degree in a health-related field (health care, community health, health sciences, management, nursing, psychology, health, and wellness, etc.) from an accredited institution with a grade point average of 2.5 or higher,


        A bachelor’s degree in any other field, along with 3 years or more work experience in public health,

2.     Professional resume indicating experience in public health (work for a state, local, tribal department of health, hospitals, foundations, community health centers, health coalitions or advocacy groups, health insurance, college research, or other public health-related entity)


3.     A personal statement describing your personal/career goals, your interest in public health, and how the Master of Public Health at NEIT will help you reach those goals.  

For additional details and to apply, visit the Admissions Policy page

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You can now apply online. Just log in to and click on “APPLY.” For more information, go to the Admission Requirements page.