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Public Health

Public Health

Master's Degree

Public Health Curriculum Online and Hybrid Master's Degree Programs

Master of Public Health - Curriculum

New England Institute of Technology’s interdisciplinary Master of Public Health program will give you a well-rounded approach to public health practice and theory, as well as a solid foundation in management and leadership.

You can complete this MPH program in as little as two years (eight terms), taking 2 courses in each term. To meet graduation requirements, a minimum of 63 quarter-credits is required (equivalent to 42 semester credits), including a 50-hour field experience in a public health or closely aligned entity, where you will work with a preceptor on a pre-determined project, prepare a paper and give a presentation.


  • PH 510 Statistics for Public Health
  • PH 516 Fundamentals of Public Health
  • PH 520 Epidemiology
  • PH 525 Public Health Management
  • PH 530 Research/Methods
  • PH 535 Social Marketing and Communications
  • PH 540 Public Health Funding
  • PH 545 Environmental Health
  • PH 550 Public Health Policy and Planning
  • PH 551 Law, Ethics and Policy in Public Health
  • PH 560 Public Health Evaluation
  • PH 561 Portfolio
  • PH 571 Capstone Prep
  • PH 580 Public Health Seminar
  • PH 585 Capstone
  • MGM 514 Leadership


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