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Public Health

Public Health

Master's Degree

Master of Public Health Mission, Goals & Outcomes Online and Hybrid Master's Degree

Master of Public Health - Mission & Program Outcomes


Empowered communities collaborating to promote healthy lifestyles. 

To provide an accessible MPH program for working adults, which uses their lived experiences and evidence to lead and practice public health to address health equity.


I1: Maintain state of the art online MPH curriculum to prepare skilled practitioners
I2: Prepare public health professionals to excel in public health initiatives’ management

S1: Advance the practice of public health through continuous quality improvement 
S2: Consult, adopt, adapt and regularly contribute to public health applied research 

C1: Bring knowledge and skills to address health equity in populations
C2: Work with communities to leverage resources and practice public health  

We are a Learning Collaborative: We value interdisciplinary, cross-program collaboration, bringing diverse perspectives to the MPH program and public health perspectives to other NEIT programs. Faculty and students learn from each other and collaborate in teaching and learning. We are committed to life-long learning for individuals, groups, and communities.

We are Community-grounded: We equip our students with skills to work collaboratively with communities to find practical and innovative solutions to local problems. Public health is profoundly affected by the community environments in which we work, play, learn, and live. Therefore, public health education must be grounded in the community. We seek to be a helpful partner and an accessible resource to our communities.

We are Inclusive: We provide an accessible and flexible program designed to accommodate adults in a variety of circumstances, occupations and organizations. We embrace the lived experience of our students and the perspectives resulting from those experiences. We celebrate the diversity of communities in Southeastern New England.

We seek Excellence: We have a responsibility to ourselves, our students, and our communities to strive for excellence in instruction, scholarship and service.  We are reflective and embrace quality while looking for ways to grow and improve. In pursuit of excellence we take risks, learn from our experiences, and build confidence in our students, enabling them to become leaders in the building and support of flourishing communities.

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