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Nursing College Degree

Nursing College Degree

Master's in Nursing (MSN) FAQ Online and Hybrid Degree

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When do my classes meet?

Because the MSN/FNP program is hybrid, there are a few occasions during skills/clinical immersion days and times when students are required to meet in a traditional on-campus classroom (3 weekends Saturday and Sunday). Students will be notified well in advance for the skills/clinical immersion weekends. Faculty may schedule (at their discretion) online discussions or other activities through the online learning software that may require you to attend class at a specific time (example Zoom/ADOBE for class).

Must I take other courses in addition to the Nursing courses?

Yes. In addition to your nursing courses, to qualify for your master’s degree program, you will need or have passed successfully a bachelor-level statistics and health assessment course with a grade of B or better, if transferring the course from another institution. This is an admission requirement.

How large will my classes be?

The average size for a class is about 18 students; however, larger and smaller classes occur from time to time.

How is taking an online course different from an on-campus course?

Online courses offer you flexibility in the scheduling of your class and study time. However, online courses also require self-discipline and self-motivation to do the work that is expected of the course. Despite this flexibility, you are required to login to your course regularly as described in the course syllabus. There are required weekly assignments with specific due dates (see course syllabus).

Do online courses take more time than on-campus courses?

Online courses require the same amount of work as an on-campus course. However, the time you spend in an online course will be different than in a traditional on-campus course. For example, less time will be spent on driving to and from campus and limited time that will be spent on campus during clinical/skills immersion.

How long should it take me to complete my program?

The MSN program is a part-time program. It is suggested that students take two nursing courses per term. Depending on student progression and course load taken each term, the program can take from 15 to 24 months.

Is New England Tech accredited?

Yes. New England Tech is institutionally accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) Commission on Institutions of Higher Education. Accreditation by NEASC is recognized by the federal government and entitles New England Tech to participate in federal financial aid programs.

Is the NEIT Nursing Program Accredited?

The nursing department is working with ACEN in designing the masters’ program and has started the process for accreditation for the MSN program. The RN to Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing program and the Associate of Science in Nursing is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, Georgia 30326, Telephone: (404) 975-5000, FAX: (404) 975-5020.

Is the program entirely online?

The MSN courses are offered online however some of the courses require hybrid sessions. The clinical and capstone components, and skills/clinical immersion require hands on training in the classroom with an instructor or clinical provider. Students must complete 650 clinical hours in the FNP program to sit for certification. The Educational Leadership program requires 80 teaching hours as part of the clinical component. 

 What does the Educational Leadership Capstone (Practicum) or FNP Practicums involve?

The objective of the Educational Leadership Capstone (Practicum) or FNP Practicums is to collaborate with and learn from the preceptors and experts while implementing evidence-based care and treatment modalities for the patient community. The Educational Leadership student will facilitate 80 hours of classroom learning by objective, course and assessment implementation. The student and preceptors will enter into a contractual agreement that further defines the objectives of the practicum preceptorship-based on the students’ learning needs and professional goals.

Can I complete the Educational Leadership Capstone (Practicum) or FNP Practicums at my current workplace?

Yes, the Educational Leadership Capstone (Practicum) or FNP Practicum hours may be completed in the student’s own workplace; however, the student may not be working or being paid during practicum hours. The preceptor for the FNP program must have at least two years of experience as an advanced practice licensed provider, one year of which must be in the area of clinical/practicum specialty and have a minimum of a master’s degree in nursing, and an advanced degree prepared as a nurse practitioner. Physician assistants and medical doctors can also serve as a preceptor for nurse practitioner students.

Additional guidelines and individualized support are provided to all matriculated students.

When should I begin looking for a preceptor for the Educational Leadership Capstone (Practicum) or FNP Practicums ?

It is never too early to begin thinking about potential advanced practice provider preceptors!  It is highly recommended that students begin identifying and speaking with potential preceptors early in the program of study but no later than when you are two terms away from enrolling in the Educational Leadership Capstone (Practicum) class or the FNP Practicum classes.

 When should I begin obtaining and submitting documentation for my Educational Leadership Capstone (Practicum) or FNP Practicums?

It is important that you start obtaining compliance documents at least two to three full terms before you plan to begin the Educational Leadership Capstone (Practicum) or FNP Practicums. All compliance documents must be submitted at least one full term before you register for the Educational Leadership Capstone (Practicum) or FNP Practicums. All Educational Leadership Capstone (Practicum) or FNP Practicums documents are located in the MSN Student Nurse Guidelines on

What documentation is required for the Educational Leadership Capstone (Practicum) or FNP Practicums?

The following compliance documents must be on file in the Department of Nursing one full term before registering for the Educational Leadership Capstone (Practicum) or FNP Practicums (the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator is available to answer questions and assist students as needed):

•     Current American Heart Association CPR certification for Healthcare providers at the infant, child, and adult levels.

•     Capstone/Practicum Contract

•     Preceptor’s current resume or curriculum vitae, Qualification Form, and two professional References

•     Certain practicum sites may have additional requirements. Students are responsible to consult with their preceptor to see if there are any other requirements.

•     Advanced Nurse Practice, Physician Assistants, and Medical Doctors must have an active unencumbered license. For example, if a student in the State of CT wants to do clinicals in the State of RI, the student and preceptor must be licensed in the State of RI.

Can I transfer the credits that I earn at New England Tech to another college?

The transferability of course credit is always up to the institution to which the student is transferring. Students interested in the transferability of their credits should contact the Office of Teaching and Learning for further information.

Do I need to maintain a certain grade point average?

Yes, students need to maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) to remain in good standing. A minimum grade of B (83%) is required for Nursing courses. Students may repeat a nursing course only once. A student will be dismissed from the program if any two NUR courses are not passed with a B (83%) or better.

Can I transfer credits earned at another college to New England Tech?

Transfer credit for appropriate master’s level courses taken at an accredited institution will be considered for courses in which the student has earned a "B" or above. An official transcript from the other institution must be received at a minimum of one week prior to the start of the course for which transfer credit is being requested.

Is there a clinical practicum/capstone requirement?

Yes. To be eligible for graduation from New England Tech with an MSN degree, students must complete the last credit hours as a matriculated student in the MSN program at New England Tech.

20. Will advisors be available to me?

Yes. Students in the MSN program will be assigned a Student Success Coordinator from the Office of Student Support Services. The institution has developed a two-tiered approach to student advising: a Student Advisor assigned from the Office of Student Support Services and a faculty advisor.

The New England Tech Student Advisor provides guidance, encouragement and support to students and is the primary point of contact for all student concerns and information about New England Tech policies and procedures. From the individual student’s perspective, the New England Tech Student Advisor is the student’s college-wide advisor on all matters related to success at New England Tech. Student Advisors assists students who are experiencing difficulties with their course work or who encounter problems that interfere with the successful completion of their program. Student Advisors monitor students’ attendance and academic progress and contact students as needed. The Student Advisor’s outreach to the students includes weekly emails to students and, as needed, individual phone calls to the students. Students may meet with their Student Advisor for a degree audit and for assistance with course selection and registration. Students with disabilities who wish to request accommodations must self identify, communicate their needs to their Student Advisor and provide current and comprehensive documentation concerning the nature and extent of their disability.

The MSN program identifies a department faculty advisor to counsel students on academic matters. These faculty advisors are assigned by the department chair and provide students with direction in course curriculum including the selection of appropriate elective courses as well as other appropriate academic program advice.

How many credits do I need to acquire my Financial Aid?

Full time students receive the maximum amount of financial aid for which they are eligible. Full-time status for the purpose of federal financial aid programs is 12 or more per term. Students having an academic credit load of less than 12 credits are also eligible for financial aid, but their aid awards may be pro-rated based on their credit load. Students must have a credit load of at least 6 credits per academic term to be eligible for any type of financial aid. Pro-ration and eligibility vary based on the aid program. The Financial Aid Department at New England Tech can answer any questions you may have about your credit load and its effect on your financial aid funding.

What does my program cost?

The cost of your program will be as outlined in your enrollment agreement, along with your cost for books and other course materials. (See current Tuition and Fees for the MSN program)  

What kind of employment assistance does New England Tech offer?

The Office of Career Services assists New England Tech students and graduates at the East Greenwich, RI campus and online in resume writing, interviewing skills, and the development of a job search strategy. Upon completion of their program, students may submit a resume to be circulated to employers for employment opportunities that, for the most part, may exist in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Employers regularly contact the Office of Career Services about our graduates. In addition, our Office of Career Services contacts employers to develop job leads. A strong relationship with employers exists as a result of New England Tech’s training students to meet the needs of industry for over fifty years. No school can, and New England Tech does not, guarantee to its graduates employment or a specific starting salary.

Where will job opportunities exist?

Employment opportunities are available nationally. Our AS and RN to BSN graduates have obtained employment in many different healthcare and educational settings.

What are the hardware and software requirements for the program?

  Recommended  Minimum
Operating System:  Windows XP or 7 or Macintosh OS X (10.5) Windows XP or Macintosh OS X
Processor:  2+ GHz  1 GHz
Memory:   4GB  1GB
Plug-ins:  Adobe PDF Reader, Flash Player, QuickTime, Java Adobe PDF Reader, Flash Player, QuickTime, Java
Browser: Firefox 7 or Internet Explorer 8/9 Firefox 7 or Internet Explorer 8.0
Display: 1024x768 800x600
Software:  Microsoft Office 2007/2010 Microsoft Office 2003 or Open Office, PowerPoint 2007 Viewer, Google Docs
Internet Connection:  FiOS/DSL/CABLE DSL/CABLE
Email Account: New England Tech student email account New England Tech student email account
Sound Card: Required Required

Online students must be capable of installing and maintaining their own computer’s hardware and software. New England Tech does not assist students with the setup of their computers.

Information about obtaining the software (if any) will be made available to you at the start of each course.

Do I need special computer skills in order to take an online course?

You will need basic familiarity with your computer, for example: emailing, using the Web, and downloading and attaching documents. No special equipment is required – just a modern Windows or Mac computer, an office suite such as Microsoft Office, and a broadband internet connection.

New England Tech online courses are designed to help acclimate you to the technology and build your skills and your confidence as you go. We provide 24x7 support via phone, email or chat to help you with computer or online system issues. Tablet computers can be useful for doing course readings, watching course videos, and catching up on course discussions. But a tablet will not be sufficient for doing all your course work – be sure you have regular access to a laptop or desktop computer. 

How can I get help for my coursework when I need it?

There are several ways that you can get the help you need with your coursework. First, your instructor will be available to you through email, chat and the phone; second, your Student Advisor is also available through email, chat and the phone; and finally, the Academic Skills Center will be available via email and the phone. PLEASE NOTE: It is important for both your personal and professional growth that you do all the work yourself. New England Tech has a strict Academic Honesty Policy that is part of every course syllabus.

How do I get help from other college departments?

At the beginning of each term, you will receive a list of contact information for every college service. The list includes where you can find each service such as the college catalog and URL, the name and contact information for the individual responsible for each service such as the telephone number and email address and the hours when each service is available. Examples of services include the Academic Skills Center, the Bookstore, the Career Services Office, the Financial Aid, Registrar’s Office, Student Advisors from the Office of Student Support Services, Library, Student Accounts, Office of Teaching and Learning and the Response Desk.

How much time should I expect to dedicate to an online course?

New England Tech’s policy regarding the amount of work expected of a student is similar to all other colleges and universities. The number of credit hours assigned to coursework is related to the academic time a student is expected to spend in direct faculty instruction and out-of-class work, and reasonably approximates one hour of classroom or direct faculty instruction and a minimum of two hours of out-of-class student work each week for approximately ten weeks for one hour of credit; or at least an equivalent amount of work for other academic activities as established by New England Tech including laboratory work, internships, practica, studio work, and other academic work, such as study and exam preparation time, leading to the award of credit hours.

Where do I go for help with technical issues?

The Response Desk is available through email and the phone. Please realize the Response Desk can only help you with access to your online account. The Response Desk cannot help you with any software or hardware issues with your personal computer. Refer to the Office Hours document that is available in each of your Canvas courses for specific contact information as well as hours of operation.

How do I buy textbooks?

Students may purchase their textbooks either through the Bookstore or through online merchants. Your instructor will provide the course syllabus to you prior to the start of class to allow you time to purchase the textbooks. Textbook information for all courses is available through the Bookstore prior to the start of the course. Please review the contact information for the Bookstore in the Office Hours document.

Are there attendance and participation requirements?

Yes. Each week you will be required to participate in required activities such as discussion boards or other assignments for each course. All course activities will be counted towards your attendance and participation grade.

How will I submit my course assignments and take exams?

You will receive information from your instructor about how to submit your assignments through the Canvas learning management system. You may be asked to take online or web-based quizzes and exams, submit papers online, engage in group work, or prepare a portfolio of your work online. Your instructor will notify you in advance of his or her testing requirements. In some cases, your instructor may require that you take a proctored exam. If a proctored exam is required, you will be required to submit a proctor form to your instructor prior to gaining access to the exam.

Will I have an instructor?

Yes. Instructors are essential to online learning at New England Institute of Technology. All instructors are trained to teach online or have experience teaching online. They lead the courses and function as facilitators, coaches and tutors. In the online setting, instructors devote as much time to communicating with the class as they do in the traditional classroom. They log in regularly to respond to questions, direct discussion and evaluate assignments. Instructors for all NUR courses all have doctoral degrees.

Will I interact with other students?

Yes. You will interact with other students in all your online courses. Through online discussions, email and other group activities, you can develop an electronic peer network and participate in discussion forums and online study groups. Although you may never see each other face-to-face, you will establish a group of colleagues.

Are there any additional costs/activities associated with this program?

All students must have a complete physical examination and required immunizations completed prior to clinical practicum/capstone. Mumps, Measles, Rubella, Hepatitis B, Varicella immunization or titres, and tetanus immunizations are required. A TB test is required each year. Personal negligence and malpractice insurance is also required by affiliating facilities where internships are scheduled. Uniforms, equipment, laboratory fees and textbooks will also need to be purchased.

Do I need to have a Criminal Background check?

All MSN students are required to have a criminal background check from the state in which they hold their license prior to the Educational Leadership Capstone (Practicum) or FNP Practicums.

Is licensure required to practice as a Nurse Practitioner?

All states require licensure in order to practice. Note that a felony conviction may affect a graduate’s ability to sit for board certification or attain state licensure. Because of the complex nature of licensing requirements and because these requirements change periodically, NEIT cannot list all the requirements for licenses available in all states. NEIT IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CHANGES IN LICENSING REQUIREMENTS THAT ANY STATE, INCLUDING RHODE ISLAND, MAY IMPLEMENT AT ANY TIME. Each student is to take personal responsibility for determining the licensing requirements in the specific state in which he or she plans to work. Regarding APRN licensure, each out-of-state student should verify all requirements with their state’s Board of Nursing, as each state may have differing rules and regulations regarding licensure/ education requirements.

Will I need to arrange travel/lodging for the FNP Clinical Immersion Weekends?

Yes, students travelling to East Greenwich, Rhode Island for the FNP Clinical Immersion weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) will need to make travel and lodging arrangements.

 If I live out-of-state, do I need to be licensed in the State of Rhode Island?

In order to obtain APRN licensure, most states require the following:

You must provide proof of:

• Current registered nurse (RN) licensure

• Official final transcript from your education program 

• The official transcript must state that the education program prepared you for practice as an APRN in the specific clinical category you are applying for (CNP, CNM, CRNA, PCNS, CNS)

Proof of graduate level coursework, including:

• Pathophysiology

• Advanced physical assessment

• Pharmacotherapeutics

Additionally, the student and preceptor must be licensed in the state in which the clinicals will be completed. If the student will be completing any clinical rotations in the State of Rhode Island, the student must be eligible for RN licensure in Rhode Island.