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Bachelor's Degree Online

RN to BSN Curriculum Bachelor's Degree Online

RN to BSN Curriculum

The online RN to BSN Program consists of 67 quarter credits.  

By building on the diploma or associate degree, the RN to BSN curriculum will provide you with knowledge in leadership, quality and safety, health care systems, patient advocacy, and decision-making processes.

Courses are 10-weeks long, and there are four ten-week terms per year. For the eight-term curriculum, a student may complete the requirements in as little as 18 months. Students may choose to take only one course per term, therefore, extending the time it will take to complete the program.

Required Courses:

Course Number Course Title Quarter Credits*
  Transfer Credit: Previous Nursing Courses 55
  Potential Transfer Credit: Sciences & General Education 58
NUR 371 Concepts of Professional Nursing  
EN 331 Research Writing in the Social Sciences (Communications Core)  
NUR 393 Ethical Issues in Nursing  
BIO 376 Pathophysiology: A Clinical Approach for Nurses (Math/Science Core)  
NUR 379 Health Assessment Across the Lifespan  
PS 410 Applied Research Statistics (Social Sciences Core)  
Elective 300-400 Level Social Sciences, Humanities or Arts/Foreign Language Core Elective  
Elective 300-400 Level Humanities Core Elective  
NUR 395 Quality and Safety  
EN 422 Writing in the Health Sciences (Communications Core)  
NUR 388 Informatics and Healthcare Technology  
NUR 399 Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice  
NUR 383 Health Policy, Finance, and Regulation  
NUR 422 Principles of Prevention and Population Health  
NUR 444 Leadership and Management  
NUR 492 Capstone Practicum  
  Total NEIT Course Credits 67
  Total BSN Program Credits 180

*Quarter Credits equal 1.5 semester credits.

Transfer Credits

You'll earn 55 quarter credits in transfer for your previous nursing coursework.  You'll also receive up to 58 quarter credits for previous science and general education courses completed at the associate degree or diploma level.  113 potential transfer credits from your associate degree or diploma nursing program (includes 55 credits for previous nursing courses), leaving you with 67 credits needed to complete your BSN degree. 

Other transfer credit for appropriate baccalaureate-level courses taken at an accredited institution will be considered for courses in which the student has earned a C+ (77%) or better.  Transferability is evaluated on an individual basis.  You'll need to provide an official transcript from the other institution, then speak with your admissions counselor about credit transfer.

More about the Capstone Practicum

The capstone practicum provides RN students with the opportunity for informing and shaping current and future practice and leadership in professional nursing. The immersion of observational and experiential practicum opportunities are guided by a nurse preceptor to meet the unique interest and learning needs of the student. Practicum observations and experiences include a variety of activities with preceptors in nursing leadership positions across healthcare work environments and community settings. Activities may include transitions and coordination of culturally sensitive care services; collaborative activities within professional healthcare teams; services in community care settings or professional organizations; policy and quality assurance participation; and participation in research applications to practice. 

As a student, with faculty guidance, you'll select a site and a preceptor in your field of interest, and design a meaningful capstone project that has relevance to the workplace site and selected preceptor role for this practicum.