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Bachelor's Degree Online

Nursing Online at NEIT

The Online Learning Experience is Different at New England Tech 

RN to BSN Program

Online education at NEIT is different – our online courses are crafted to be fun, relevant, and engaging, with real impact on students in their lives and on their careers. You’ll be learning as part of a connected community that provides support, broadens your thinking, and reminds you that you’re not alone.  Don’t just listen to us – listen to what our online students have to say:

"This online course is so different to what I am used keeps me going and I feel connected…the camaraderie is already beginning to form"

"The school realizes we need help and will be there for us"

"I actually accomplished what a just few days ago I would have labeled impossible"

"Things 'clicked' and I felt like I was taking it to the next level"

"What surprised me most was how much fun I had.  I can’t wait to do more!"

"When I saw some of my classmates’ work...I got inspired"

"These classes are making me a better, safer nurse"

"I certainly have my times of being nervous about the computer, but I am really enjoying these classes"

Online Courses 

Online courses at New England Tech are crafted by a faculty-led team of learning and technology experts to be interesting, relevant and engaging.  They are not self-paced courses – you’ll have coursework to do every week and you'll be interacting with fellow students and faculty throughout.  There are real people "behind the screen", including your faculty, library specialists, tech support, student advisors, and instructional designers, who are present and there to help at every turn.     

The course calendar, assignments, readings, conversations and collaborations are all clearly laid out so you can always know what's expected, how to do it, and when it's due.   

New England Tech Online courses offer convenience and flexibility, and are designed to take advantage of the strengths that the online format offers.   A typical online course won't take less time than you'd spent attending an on-campus course and doing out-of-class work.  But you'll spend that time differently:  analyzing projects, conducting research, developing plans and contracts, debating issues with your colleagues, and engaging in other activities that will enhance your skills and extend your abilities.   

Technical Requirements

You probably already have all the technology you'll need to be successful with online courses at New England Tech.  You’ll need basic familiarity with your computer – with skills such as emailing, using the Web, downloading and attaching documents.  No special equipment is required - just a modern Windows or Mac computer with a broadband internet connection and Microsoft Office (a license for Office 365 is provided to students in the program at no cost).  Some courses may require a webcam and microphone. 

New England Tech online courses are designed to help acclimate you to the technology platform, and to build your skills and your confidence as you go.  We provide 24x7 support via phone, email or chat to help you with computer or online system issues.  And of course, you can always drop in at our East Greenwich campus for face-to-face support.

NE Tech's Leadership in Healthcare Education

New England Tech is an innovator in healthcare education.  Our campus boasts advanced lab and simulation facilities that provide students with an unmatched hands-on experience.  Our online RN to BSN program was the first of its kind in the state, and we've got lots of experience helping online students.  Offering twelve health sciences degrees at the Associate, Bachelor's and Master's level, New England Tech is among southeastern New England's leading colleges for nursing and healthcare education.   


The Support You Need to be Successful

Online students at New England Tech enjoy full access to the same outstanding services offered to our on-campus students.  

  • Student Support Services are available to help you with any aspect of your New England Tech experience, whether it's academic advice, arranging special accommodations, or any other problem that affects your ability to be successful in school.  
  • Career Services can help you prepare a resume, practice interviewing skills, or anything else related to the job search. What's more, as a New England Tech graduate, you'll have lifelong access to the Career Services assistance. 
  • Academic Skills Center is ready to support your academic success with study skills coaching, one-on-one or group tutoring, or enrichment courses to help improve your academic performance. 
  • The Library has a wide variety of resources, including a Nursing Reference page which includes a searchable online catalog and many electronic reference sources, including indexes, abstracts, full-text periodicals, newspapers, maps, encyclopedias, and the Internet.