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Health Sciences/Services Degree Programs

Health Sciences/Services Degree Programs

Are you interested in a career in Health Sciences, in areas such as Surgical Technology, Respiratory Care, Rehabilitation Sciences, Paramedic Technology, Nursing, Medical Assisting and AdministrationMedical Laboratory Technology, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Clinical Medical Assistant? Positions that may appeal to you include being a registered nurse, paramedic, rehabilitation counselor, certified respiratory therapist, patient care assistant, occupational therapy assistant, physical therapist assistant, medical transcriptionist, or surgical technologist.

Or perhaps you would like to focus on Healthcare Administration, pursuing degrees in areas such as Healthcare Management or Public Health. These degrees are associated with positions such as EMR technician, health office manager, patient care assistant, maternal and child health director, or corporate wellness coordinator.

New England Institute of Technology offers degree programs in these fields and we encourage you to pursue your dreams and achieve your goals! See links below for details.

Associate Degree Programs

Surgical Technology

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Rehabilitation Sciences

Master's Degree Programs

Occupational Therapy

Online Programs

Public Health