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Statement of Mission and Objectives

Statement of Mission and Objectives

The mission of New England Institute of Technology (NEIT) is to provide specialized undergraduate and graduate degree programs which prepare students for professional and technical careers. Through the combination of professional and technical courses and an integrated liberal arts core, academic programs emphasize the relevance of continuous learning to personal and professional growth. Upon successful completion, graduates are prepared to enter the workforce or to continue their education. As an extension of the primary mission, NEIT offers the opportunity to pursue professional and technological studies to satisfy personal interests.

As an institution primarily devoted to teaching, NEIT provides opportunities for students from diverse educational backgrounds and with varying levels of ability to study in a variety of technological fields.

NEIT's objectives are to:

  1. offer technology programs that meet the career-oriented needs of students and to assist each student in identifying and developing a career path of interest.
  2. stress the relationship between theoretical knowledge and practical application.
  3. provide a laboratory approach, which prepares students for business and industry.
  4. enable students to develop skills in writing, oral communication, and team building.
  5. use innovative learning approaches to help each student realize his or her academic potential.
  6. help students to develop skills in problem solving and in thinking logically, flexibly, and critically.
  7. foster the student’s potential to contribute to and participate in a rapidly changing technological society.
  8. provide a campus climate where our diverse student population is encouraged to respect the value of all people and to deal with social issues and responsibilities as members of our campus community and society.
  9. encourage students to develop pride in the quality of their work.
  10. create an appreciation for both the importance and joy of learning.
  11. be environmentally responsible in the development and maintenance of its campus and to include environmentally responsible technologies in its curriculum.