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Transfer of Credit

Requirements and procedures and policies related to the transfer of credit 

Transfer of Credit

The transferability of NEIT credits to other institutions is determined by the institution to which the student transfers. An institution’s accreditation cannot guarantee that credits earned at that institution will be accepted for transfer by any other institution.

A student who wishes to transfer credits to another college should consult his or her department chair and the Office of Teaching and Learning. Any college to which a student may wish to transfer will evaluate transfer credit on an individual basis, taking into consideration such matters as the student’s performance and the field the student wishes to enter. Graduates of NEIT associate’s degree programs have successfully transferred to bachelor’s programs at a number of colleges and universities.

Admission with Advanced Standing

Applicants may be admitted with advanced standing at the discretion of the Office of Teaching and Learning. Consideration is given to the following:
1. Credits from an accredited post-secondary institution. An official transcript must be submitted to the Office of Teaching and Learning. Academic credit will be given only to courses in which a student earned a “C” or above (transfer credit). A grade of “B” or above is required for transfer of credits for the Master of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy.
2. Credits through CLEP and challenge exams (challenge credit authorized by department chairs or the Director of Academic Skills).
3. Credit may be extended for past work experience which represents college-level skills or competencies, and can be properly documented, verified, and related to educational objectives through the submission of a portfolio (portfolio review credit).

Contact the Office of Teaching and Learning, (401) 467-7744 x 3438 for more detailed information.

Institutions with which New England Institute of Technology has established articulation agreements.
Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute
Bermuda College
Boston Architectural Center
Community College of Rhode Island
H. Lavity Stout Community College
Mercer County Community College
Norges Kreative Fagskole
Sunriver University