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Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and Organizations

Getting a university degree is a lot more than just studying and practicing what you love. It’s about becoming all that you can be. There are lots of ways to pursue your passions, “talk shop,” build your résumé, have a great time and make lifelong friends at New England Tech.

We have a wide range of active student clubs and organizations to make your life as interesting and exciting as you’d like it to be.

Check out our lists of clubs and organizations, and click through to learn more about each one. Don’t see one to match your interest? Then maybe we can help you get one started. Stop by our Student Activities office, located in the Student Lounge of the East Greenwich building or email our Director of Student Activities, Melissa Hague at

Clubs that are affiliated with national organizations may require their members to be enrolled in a particular technology and may limit participation to that technology. Participation in some technical club activities may require that you possess certain technical proficiencies in order to participate fully.