Academic and Other Support Services

Office of Student Support Services

The Student Advisor is the student’s first point of contact regarding any questions the student may have regarding New England Tech including questions about degree requirements, NEIT policies and procedures, and campus resources. Student Advisors provide the information, support and encouragement necessary to assist students in reaching their educational goals.

Students who are experiencing difficulties with their coursework or who encounter problems that interfere with the successful completion of their programs are urged to contact their Student Advisor. The Student Advisors visit technology classrooms frequently and are available to help students with any problems that may affect their ability to be successful in school.

Students with disabilities who wish to request accommodations must self identify, communicate their needs to their Student Advisor and provide current and comprehensive documentation concerning the nature and extent of their disability. Because course requirements can vary greatly, students must communicate their needs to their Student Advisor and request accommodations on a quarterly basis.

Academic Skills Center

The overall mission of the Academic Skills Center (ASC) is to address the learning needs, academic performance, and success of all our students. The ASC provides academic support to New England Tech students throughout the entire course of their education. This support begins with assessment, placement and advisement of new students, and continues with our many learning assistance services and programs. In partnership with NEIT’s faculty and administrative staff, the ASC helps students prepare themselves to become more effective, self-directed, lifelong learners.

A Study Skills Workshop is offered for all incoming students prior to the start of their classes. For those who need to build their basic skills, the ASC offers courses in pre-college reading, writing, and math. A variety of enrichment courses are available and provide students with the opportunity to build their reading comprehension along with their writing, research, and language skills.

In addition to providing one-on-one assistance to the entire NEIT student body, the ASC is dedicated to providing professional tutorial support and other learning strategies for students specifically in need of personalized instruction in:
• Math and Physics
• Reading and Writing
• Science
• Study Skills and Class Presentations
• Internet Access, Canvas, and NEIT Email
• MS Office Software Training

Adaptive technology is also available for students who need alternative learning strategies to succeed in their courses.

The ASC is open and available to students during business hours, Monday to Saturday. For more information about the Academic Skills Center, please call us at 401-739-5000, Ext. 3428 or visit us in Suite S103 at NEIT’s East Greenwich Campus.

The Career Services Office

The Career Services Office offers assistance to students and graduates in many aspects of the job search. Workshops are conducted to enhance students’ job seeking skills. Students are also encouraged to meet individually with members of the Career Services staff to perfect their resumes, interviewing skills, and job search techniques. Students are also invited to visit the Career Services Office, the Library, and the Library’s website ( to review instructional job search materials.

Many employers use NEIT as a resource when recruiting new employees. The Career Services staff also contacts employers to identify employment opportunities for students and graduates. Students and graduates may review the names of company contacts as well as other reference materials to identify job lead sources. Part-time employment listings are also available in the Career Services Office and posted on campus bulletin boards.

A student is eligible to receive assistance in obtaining full-time employment in his/her field of study when he/she has fulfilled graduation requirements, has met all of his/her financial obligations, and has submitted a resume in the prescribed NEIT form to the Career Services Office. The resume will be circulated, as appropriate, to employers who are looking for candidates with technical skills. It is the university’s policy that a student who fails to submit a resume and/or keep appointments with prospective employers or with the Career Services staff is formally acknowledging that he/she is unavailable for employment assistance.

Library and Information Commons

The NEIT Library and Information Commons contains a unique collection of materials to support the research, professional and personal growth needs of the university community. Both print and digital resources are available in a welcoming environment with a variety of spaces for study and research.

The Library provides a cultural center for the university through an annual all-university art show, rotating exhibits of class work in the fine and applied arts, and through lectures and presentations on wide-ranging topics.

A comprehensive website ( provides access to the online catalog, full-text databases, and web pages pertaining to each program and all elective courses. These online resources are always available and are designed to support student success in class and in the workplace.