Program Overview

Students interested in healthcare, as well as healthcare practitioners ready to take the next step in their careers, can prepare for leadership and managerial roles with the Healthcare Management concentration in the Business Management program.

Build on existing skills and prepare to assume expanded managerial responsibilities in health care organizations, start a new practice, or prepare for graduate studies. Learn analytical skills to manage budgets and plan finances in healthcare settings, from independent practices to large hospitals and research facilities. Practice the interpersonal and supervisory skills needed to advance your career.

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Full Description

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management (MGTB) program is designed to prepare students with an associate degree in any field to acquire a broad range of knowledge and skills needed to be successful managers or small business owners in a variety of fields.

The BS program in Business Management emphasizes a blend of technical, analytical and people skills. Students practice in labs to simulate what they will be doing in the typical workplace, with particular focus on technology and interpersonal communication. Courses are delivered in a combination of face-to-face and online learning experiences, reflecting today’s workplace.

The program provides education and hands-on training in management and leadership, accounting, finance, marketing, operations and project management. Students improve their skills in teamwork and presenting information effectively, and participate in simulations to practice negotiation, customer service and sales, and employee supervision. An emphasis on technical skills, such as analyzing data, includes exploring the latest applications for organizational productivity. Students develop entrepreneurial skills needed to start and manage a small business.

The BS program in Business Management also provides opportunities for students in specific fields –automotive service/transportation, or healthcare/respiratory care – to concentrate on management topics specific to those fields through a set of courses focused on these industries.

Graduates of the Business Management (MGTB) program may be qualified to work in positions such as business analyst, accounting or operations analyst, project manager, department supervisor, marketing analyst, customer service manager, or business owner.

Graduates of the Business Management program with the Healthcare Management/Respiratory Care (MGTH) concentration will prepare for leadership and managerial roles in the health care field, for advanced clinical practice, or for graduate study.


Mission, Goals, and Outcomes

Program Mission

The Business Management (MGT BS) Program is designed to empower students to develop the management knowledge, interpersonal skills, and analytical tools to prepare for leadership and managerial roles. Graduates are prepared to thrive within and make significant contributions to diverse organizations operating in dynamic environments.

 Program Goals

  1. Provide an environment and learning opportunities that encourage students to acquire and practice technical, analytical, and soft skills to become an effective contributor or mid-level professional in various organizational settings or prepare to run a small business.
  2. Develop a student’s ability to use the language of business to communicate clearly and appropriately, apply critical thinking and creative problem solving, and be able to incorporate and adapt to new concepts, ideas, and evolving technologies.
  3. Instill within each student an awareness of and desire to be a life-long learner and to contribute to their profession and society at large through the development of a professional and personal ethic that demands technically, environmentally, and socially responsible decision making.
  4. Provide opportunities for associate degree graduates to further their studies to prepare for managerial roles in specific industries, including automotive service/transportation and healthcare/respiratory therapy.

Additional Program Goal for Healthcare Management/Respiratory Care (MGTH) concentration

  1. Provide opportunities for allied health students and practitioners to pursue coursework in healthcare management to build on existing skills and prepare either to assume expanded managerial responsibilities in health care organizations, start a new practice, pursue graduate studies, or advance their clinical practice in respiratory care.

 Program Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  1. Communicate effectively and professionally through non-verbal, verbal, and written communications, using the language of business appropriately, to develop and strengthen stakeholder relationships.
  2. Develop and employ interpersonal skills to enhance teamwork, efficiency, productivity, and organizational culture.
  3. Apply critical thinking to analyze data, supported by technology, to make evidence-based decisions to resolve increasingly complex and rapidly evolving business challenges.
  4. Use best practices in management to plan, organize, and control organizational resources effectively to support organizational strategy while leading people to achieve objectives.
  5. Advocate and apply legal and ethical behavior and decision-making to foster social responsibility in diverse and multi-cultural environments.
  6. Invest in life-long learning to develop personal, management, and leadership skills that benefit diverse stakeholders including the individual, the organization, the customer, and society.

Additional Outcomes for Healthcare Management

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of foundational knowledge pertinent to healthcare management and its practical application in the healthcare industry.
  2. Build on existing skills to assume expanded managerial responsibilities in healthcare-related organizations.

Respiratory Care Track Only

  1. Use advanced cardiopulmonary assessment, diagnostic, therapeutic, and management strategies to develop holistic patient care plans across the continuum of healthcare.

Courses Offered

For the latest listing of courses offered, please review our University Catalog here.