Program Overview

If you are a registered occupational therapist who would like to expand your practice to include evaluating innovative responses to occupational performance and societal participation, or if you are preparing for a new role in academia or research, then our specialized, student-centered Post-Professional Doctorate of Occupational Therapy (PP-OTD) is the right program for you. Using reflective practice analysis combined with advanced knowledge in research, global health, entrepreneurship and innovation, you can reach the pinnacle of your career in 15 months.

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Full Description

You will participate in an engaging and highly supportive online learning environment throughout successive ten-week academic terms, with the ability to study at your convenience. You also have the option to study part-time and earn your degree over a period of two years.

The program is designed to suit the schedules of working practitioners who have previously earned their master’s degree in occupational therapy and achieved certification status to practice as an occupational therapist by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT).

This program is forward-thinking and focused on the completion of an individualized doctoral project on a very specific area of practice that you choose to explore.  As the core of this degree, the doctoral project will allow you to utilize your unique background and knowledge, and pair it with the expertise of a chosen mentor, our accomplished faculty and the collective experience of your classmates.

You will gain knowledge in assessing program development, meeting the needs and wants of your clients using successful contemporary tactics, and receive extensive support in developing and defining your mode of inquiry. This includes advanced knowledge of post-graduate research, quantitative and qualitative methodologies, as well as the ability to apply a range of research tools to plan and organize your research.

You will incorporate evidence-based practice for the management of clients in all areas of occupational therapy with a broadened perspective on wellness and health promotion, population health, and global initiatives. Emphasis is placed on theories and research to promote and preserve wellness lifestyles in client populations using epidemiological principles, disease risk appraisal and reduction, and other tools. Roles in advanced occupational therapy practice as they relate to the health of diverse populations are also identified and explored.

The program welcomes practicing therapists from around the world who seek to investigate and broaden their knowledge in a focused area of study.  International students must have completed a WFOT-certified program at the bachelor’s degree level with an earned master’s degree in any related field.


  • What is a post-professional doctorate?

    A post-professional doctorate program provides advanced skills and knowledge designed to help professionals enhance their current practice. Students will have the opportunity to further develop their expertise throughout the course of study.

  • Is an OTD a doctor?

    An OTD refers to a professional at the doctorate level, meaning they have achieved the highest level of academic preparation available. Unlike medical doctors, they cannot prescribe medications to patients.

  • How long is the OTD program?

    NEIT’s PP-OTD program can be completed in as few as 15 months, through successive ten-week academic terms. Students also have the option to study part-time and earn their degree over a period of two years.

Program Mission, Goals, and Outcomes

Program Mission

The mission of the Post-Professional Doctorate of Occupational Therapy is to allow registered occupational therapists to expand their academic and clinical experience and become advanced practitioners promoting health, wellness and participation across many populations and groups, as well as become advanced leaders in their profession.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the PP-OTD program will be able to successfully demonstrate the following learning outcomes as they become:

  1. global citizens specializing in the promotion of health, wellness and participation across the lifespan.
  2. innovators of contemporary practice both in emerging and traditional settings.
  3. engaged in scholarship in any area of practice or in a leadership role.
  4. leaders in occupational therapy practice through entrepreneurship, academia or research.

Courses Offered

For the latest listing of courses offered, please review our University Catalog here.